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People just love watching videos, don't they?

They jump into YouTube and other social media just to enjoy different videos, from the curb your meme compilations to how to open a can of coke quickly.

This video craze makes video content a staple tool for savvy marketers determined to survive and thrive in the crowded market.

With staggering numbers on the video marketing statistics each year, it makes sense to say that video marketing is here to stay.

A business that hasn’t jumped into the video marketing bandwagon is actually leaving its money on the table.

And when it comes…

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When you shop online, would you buy a product from a store that seems so untrustworthy?

I bet no, right? Too much risk.

Online stores keep growing dramatically, after all.

With tons of options out there, online shoppers are more likely to spend more effort to research and explore a store they’ve never interacted with before they decide to make a purchase.

If you’re a marketer yourself, one thing is clear here: you need to make them trust your brand in the first place before you finally engage with them.

And when it comes to customer trust-building, customer testimonials are…

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In the era of video-first, more and more businesses are jumping into the video marketing bandwagon to grab audience attention. And explainer videos are one of the top-performing videos many marketers are investing in.

Thanks to the internet, marketers can now create their own explainer videos easily with tools or software out there.

That’s said, they still need some skill and time to operate all those tools to craft a professional-looking explainer video.

That’s why explainer video companies come in handy. Businesses can rely on a professional explainer video company to get the results they need and want easily.


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Thanks to smartphones, we all have semi-professional cameras, and we are bombarded with platforms and tools to create high-quality videos.

But not everyone can monetize their video content.

Creating perfect video content is something; being able to monetize it is another.

To be able to make money from videos, high quality does not suffice! You need to be totally familiar with the platform you choose to publish your videos.

In this article, you read about the pro tips to monetize your videos on YouTube, Instagram TV, Facebook, and Twitch TV.

Later, you read about the smart ways you can make…

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In our everyday lives, we live with memes. They’re native on social media platforms. Not to mention they’re also funny, relatable, and easy to consume.

From images to video clips, many internet users use memes as a language of their own.

Besides images and video clips, there’s also another common format of memes: GIF (Graphics Interchange Format).

If you’re a marketer, GIFs are eye-catching and attract your website visitors in no time, making it great visual content for your website.

In this post, we’ll dive more into the GIF and how you can create ones easily — whether it’s simply…

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Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

Video marketing strategies are nothing new. After years of being an emerging marketing tactic, it has now firmly made it to the mainstream.

The reason why video marketing is so popular is quite simple: people love videos. In the era where they’re bombarded with digital content that seems impersonal and far away, videos are the content that they need.

As a marketer yourself, there are some engaging types of marketing videos you can produce to grab prospects’ attention faster. Let’s break them down!

#1. Explainer Videos

As the name suggests, explainer videos help you explain your products or services in an engaging and…

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Photo by Jessica Ticozzelli on Pexels

What could have been a common scenario other than scrolling through social media after a long day at work? Perhaps that’s what most people do, like yourself.


Instead of being entertained from content on social media, you are left with a pang of jealousy as you scroll through your feed. You begin to question your whole life as if you made a big mistake — just because of one single picture.

Then, you’ll start blaming yourself. You feel unnecessary fear and your anxiety rises. Does this sound a lot like you? Like most of us?

Well, this is what…

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Powerpoint is, hands down, a go-to way to create a presentation. If you’re a person that has a meeting and presentation every week, you’d understand that Powerpoint can be one of the most dreaded parts of office life.

You can include other files with different formats on your PowerPoint, making it much more educational and giving more value to the audiences.

In this post, we’ll dive more in-depth into how to embed a video on PowerPoint. You can include any type of video, from explainer videos to tutorials on your PowerPoint slide.

While embedding videos on PowerPoint isn’t rocket science…

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Now it’s eat, sleep, YouTube, repeat.

No matter how much we want to deny it, YouTube has now become our daily routine.

From cat videos to fail compilations, there are always some videos that make us spend a long time on the platform.

Now that almost everyone spends time on YouTube daily being a content creator seems like fun and games — also profitable, of course.

With more than 5 million content creators on the platform, it seems like a fight for eyeballs.

If you want to start your YouTube channel, the easiest way to become a YouTube content creator…

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We’ve talked a lot about animation, from motion graphics to cut-out animation to screencast animation. And we still have a long way to go.

This time we’re going to talk about kinetic typography animation. Some of you might already know what kind of animation it is.

Even if you don’t, we can explore more about this engaging type of animation.

Kinetic typography animation isn’t a new kid on the block. This animation is widely used in music videos, movie tributes, and more.

To get you more insights about kinetic typography animation, then keep on scrolling!

What is Kinetic Typography Animation?

Simply put, kinetic typography is…


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