5 Call-to-Action Design Ideas to Boost Your Conversion Rate

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Let’s say you finally got your audience to visit your website. Cool. And they do nothing on your website but wander around.

It’s still cool. But it could be much better.

Imagine you also be able to tempt them to do your desired action, such as purchase your product, download e-books, or sign-up your newsletter that’d be a lot beneficial, wouldn’t it?

That’s where you need to pay a lot of attention to calls-to-action (CTA).

To put it simply, CTA is a button you better place on your website, landing pages, or both desktop and mobile popups, to guide the visitors to do something towards your goal conversion.

In this post, we’re going to dive into CTA designs, how to get it right, and some best examples to inspire you.

Roll up your sleeve and let’s geek out!

Why CTA Design Matters

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CTAs are your magic buttons to convert the visitors into your customers. It means, the more it looks catchy and appealing, the more visitors would likely notice it and be impressed by it.

And by noticing it, they’d be tempted to click it. That’s how you can get more customers.

By all means, well-designed CTAs higher your chances to improve your conversion rates.

Of course, well-designed CTAs are much more than classic “Click Here.” If you use those mainstream CTAs, how could your audience differentiate you from your competitors?

That’s to say; you need to come up with out-of-the-world ideas so your CTA can stand out among those classic ones.

Oh, and also, designing your CTAs catchy makes it easier for your visitors to recall and remember your brand.

One-of-a-Kind CTA Design: The Examples

Now that you know why CTA design is crucial, we’re about to get more in-depth in stunning, inspiring examples of it.

Below are some catchy CTAs you may get inspired by.

#1. Netflix

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As a popular on-demand video platform, Netflix seems like they put extra effort into designing eye-catching CTA.

You can see from the example below, Netflix uses action words that go well with specific text relating to their offer.

Watch anywhere, Cancel anytime

The color red and black is an effective way to represent their brand image and identity.

#2. EPIC

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EPIC is another company that nails the CTA designs. They place their primary CTA on their homepage. So, once you landed on their page, you’d immediately notice the CTA.

Let’s start a new project together

The CTA is quite visible as it uses a stand out color that contrasts with the video that’s playing in the background.

The text copy is also captivating. It convinces the visitors to click and start their project with the company.

#3. Breadnbeyond

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Breadnbeyond places their call-to-actions on their homepage.

Get a Quote

To distinguish the primary CTA and other buttons, Breadnbeyond picks the contrast color with the color palettes that are used in the background.

That way, visitors will notice the CTA without any confusion.

You might also consider using widgets to guide your visitors where they should go.

Those endearing widget the bottom right corner of the screen may also be an effective way to impress your visitor and make them click.

#4. Ugmonk

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Ugmonk holds its customers’ attention using a stunning exit CTA.

We stand behind our products and would love you to experience them in person

10 % Off Your First Order

In this case, when customers just finished their purchasing process, Ugmonk, one more time, tries to tempt them to do another desired action. And of course, in an exceptionally smooth way.

The company offers customers two options before they leave the website. With a Yes or No option, users can have the flexibility to make their decision.

And those “valid for 48 hours only” creates a sense of urgency that can tempt the customers not to waste any more time and click the button right away to claim the offer.

#5. CrazyEgg

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CrazyEgg catches their visitors’ eyes with a CTA that has a fancy button graphic. Using a bright yellow color made and a decent size of a button, visitors can seamlessly notice it.

The CTA button is designed to clarify rather than confuse the offer for visitors.

Also, the promising text copy “Show Me My Heat Map” can tempt the visitors to click it.

CTA Design Tips and Tricks

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From those stunning examples above, there are some points you should bear in mind to create well-designed CTAs. Those include:

1) The Shorter, The Better

Make sure you write the copy as concisely as possible. Your CTA is indeed supposed to convince your visitors to perform actions.

But, you don’t have to write long paragraphs to give them thousands of reasons to do it and call it a day.

Choose catchy and easy words that your visitors find easy to understand. And don’t forget about the size of the text too.

2) Well-picked Color

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Color is one of the most crucial components in your CTA design. Try to pick colors for your CTA buttons that contrast with the rest of your background color. It helps you to make the CTA much more noticeable.

You can also use a dominant color that represents your brand image or identity. It’d make the visitors remember the CTA and get familiar with your brand as well.

3) 1st Person Speech

To understand your visitors, even more, you must put yourself in their shoes. In this matter, you can use the 1st person speech to deliver your message in the CTA.

For example, write “claim my free consultation” instead of “claim your free consultation.” The study found that CTAs that use 1st person speech resulted in a 90% increase in clicks.

4) Sense of Urgency

Another way to make your CTAs catchy and well-designed is to create CTA s that showcase your limited offers.

You might also call it a quick and easy trick to optimize your conversion rates.

Your visitors most likely hate it when they miss something out. So, it never hurts to put a countdown clock or a validation deadline of your offerings.

5) Tug Their Heartstrings

One of the main reasons your visitors take action is because they feel connected to what you offer.

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is where the power of creative writing comes in. You should write some text copy that can evoke the visitors’ emotions so they can’t help but click on the CTA.

That has been a quick walkthrough of well-designed CTA.

Did we miss your favorite CTA design? Or do you have other tricks to improve CTA design and performance?

Let us know in the comment below!

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