5 Important Reasons Why You Should Spend More Time on Sound Effect

A sound effect is an artificially created sound to emphasize the content of the video.

Sound effects can be as simple as a bell ringing synchronized to specific actions to being used in the background to emphasize certain emotions.

The most realistic sound effects are those who are made by recording actual sounds.

However, in some scenarios, we have to produce it ourselves artificially. For example, if you want to recreate a thundering boom. It might be impossible for you to wait for a clap of thunder and record it. In some cases, you can, but it is very inconvenient, and there are other ways to achieve this, such as combining different sounds and artificially recreating it with a computer.

After the recording is made, sometimes it needs to be altered to adjust its pitch and intensity using a software.

Otherwise, you can make sound effects entirely using software, but it won’t sound as realistic.

There is no limit on how many sound effects that can be played at a time, but always remember that sound effects exist to establish realism. Don’t overuse it whenever and wherever you want.

When can we use sound effects to achieve the desired result?

Let’s start exploring further on each reason.

#1. Adds Realism to Your Video

You need to use many different sound effects to help add more depth to a video. For example, when there’s a scene of someone walking on the street. If you think that the sound of footsteps is all you need as a sound effect, think again!

There are other things to consider, such as ambiance and background noises.

You want some sounds of distant traffic noise in the background to make it more realistic.

If the visuals show quiet surroundings, you might want to consider putting cricket noise as a sound effect as a background sound.

Or if the surroundings are busy, sounds of honking cars, traffic lights, and people murmuring as background noise will make the scene feel more realistic.

#2. Helps With Transitions

By pairing shot transitions with sound effects, you can move your audiences’ attention from one scene to another.

It helps to manipulate the pace of the narration and also your audiences’ expectations.

#3. Adds Emotion to Story Development

When used in the right way, ambiance and sound effects can tell a story on its own.

But when used poorly, it may ruin the story. For example, in a scene, you have a character that is home alone. However, he/she heard a creaking noise.

That factor gives the story the ability to develop by hinting that the house might be haunted or there is someone else inside the house. The creaking noise is part of the sound effects, which tells a story.

#4. Auditory Thematics

Once you master how sound effects can help to develop a story, you can learn how different sound effects can mean different things.

Continuing the story above, after the creaking noise, the character heard someone knocking on the door.

There are many ways to describe this knock, such as a softer knock or a loud banging knock. However, both knocks will lead the story forward in different ways.

On your audiences’ point of view, they will start building expectations and become more engaged in the story.

#5. Build Suspense

A sound effect is the best tool to build-up suspense if you have not noticed it up to this point.

Back to our story, the character stood up and strolled towards the door to see who’s there.

He/she can’t help but feel curious and scared at the same time. During this period, it’s time to put on an eerie sound effect to build up the mood.

What are The Most Popular Sound Effects?

Sound effects are not only useful in horror movies, let me introduce to you how the world of sound effects are way more significant than that.

The Sound of Nature

The sound of crickets creaking in nature, the sound of birds chirping away on top of trees, and the sound of bees buzzing around some flower fields are only some of many examples of what nature sounds like.

Depending on where you want the location, different sound effects may apply.

There may be other animal sounds, but it can also be as simple as the sound of water in a small stream or a colossal waterfall.

The Ambiance of a Busy City

Many different things can happen in a city.

Starting from cars honking, police or ambulance sirens, crowds mumbling, and car alarms.

Not only on the streets, but you can also consider kids laughing if the background is at a park or a playground.

Loud and Turbulent Weather

Weather is one element where you might have to use other objects to imitate the sound to be used as sound effects.

Different types of weather can be made into sound effects such as rain, wind, thunder, snowstorm, and ocean waves. Many kinds of bad weather can be artificially made rather than recorded in nature. It’s dangerous to record a tornado!

Domestic Sound

This sound effect is something that we generally hear daily at our own home too. It can include doorbell, telephone rings, doors opening and closing, shower, and liquid pouring (maybe pouring coffee, tea, or juice?).

Wacky Cartoon Sound

In many different movies intended for kids, you can hear a lot of different sound effects being played to enhance kids’ emotions and excitement.

This includes cartoon bloopers, cartoon pop up, fail, drum roll, magic wand, and record scratching. These sound effects make the movies more attractive, especially to kids that are very responsive to noise.

These sound effects are made using computer software. Sound engineers can be very creative when recording these sound effects, making them versatile and one of a kind, such as using rubber ducks and even splashing paints.

For more detail about the importance of audio element in video productions, read more at Why You Should Never Ever Overlook the Importance of Sound Effects in Your Video?

Are you convinced that sound effects are a game-changer?

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