5 Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Training Videos

4 Eye-Opener Statistics to Get Started

Let me share some statistics on consumers’ behavior before purchasing a product and how training videos can affect employees.

  • 7 out of 10 millennials are more likely to watch company video while shopping online
  • Less than the top 10 learning and educational videos have a combined view of more than 1 billion views! Per day!!
  • On the employee’s point of view, two out of three can complete their tasks better when the instructions are shown visually, and they absorb information 7% faster

Step One: Pick a Subject

First of all, you need to know what you want to teach. Also, you cannot teach everything at the same time. Information overload!

Step 2: Pick a Format

There are a lot of different video formats that exist in the industry. If you try to learn them all, it gets very frustrating because you’ll be given too many choices to choose from without actually understanding which one will suit your needs.

1) Micro Videos

This video type is generally very short, 1-minute maximum but mostly only 5–15 seconds, and it is very suitable for us, goldfish generation.

2) Screencast

This format is something you can easily do on your own because it only involves recording the screen on your computer!

3) Presenter Video

This format generally involves recording a live training session and editing it as part of a learning program video.

4) Role Play

This video format normally requires some acting skills and are generally used to provide a better understanding of how to handle things or how a conversation should go.

5) Animation

Animated videos use both visuals and text to deliver a message and it is highly attractive and engaging.

Step Three: Script and Storyboard

Step Four: Lights, Camera, Action

Step Five: Ready, Get Feedbacks, and Publish!



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