8 Different Video Types for Small Business Marketing

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Small business owners might think, are videos a worthwhile investment for my company? Unlike large-scale businesses, small businesses do not have as much budget to spend.

Every cent needs to be spent cautiously.

Videos can help businesses gain a lot more than popularity if done correctly.

I can share some statistics on how awesome video advertising is by clicking here, but if numbers bore you and you’re already convinced of how awesome videos are, just scroll through and keep reading.

Let me share some of my wisdom with you. If you succeed, don’t forget to mention me in one of your speeches.

How Videos Can Help Your Business

Just because we know how videos can be a lifesaver for a lot of things, this doesn’t mean it’s a miracle solution to EVERYTHING!

Everything has a limitation one way or another.

An average person watches about an hour and a half of videos per day. Why? It’s because videos are super entertaining!

It’s no longer a surprise that people would rather watch a video about a product rather than reading who knows how many pages of information about the same product.

This explains why 81% of businesses use videos as a marketing tool, and 76% said that it helps increase sales and traffic.

If you’re selling a product, not only you get to showcase your product at a 360-degree angle, you can also demonstrate how to use it.

Without doing a lot of hard work, you’re actually educating your audiences without them realizing it. All they know is that it feels like watching a movie!

8 Types Of Video Marketing Based on Their Uses

There is more than one type of video in order to attract customers. The most common ones include introduction and tutorial videos of a product.

Whether you own small or medium businesses, your options may be a little bit limited because some options are not quite relevant to you.

Here are some video marketing types that you might want to consider using in the future:

1) Product/Brand Awareness Video

Videos in this category are normally used as an introduction to a new product or a new brand.

It highlights the brands’ featured products in a creative way, making people that have a need and previously seen a similar product to take an interest.

2) Educational Video

Educational videos generally focus on a specific topic and its purpose is to educate its viewers.

For example, a healthcare company creates a video on a new drug that they’ve developed and ready to be used.

Its focus is not so much on selling, but more towards making its viewers become knowledgeable.

3) Testimonials Video

For many people, knowing a review of a product is essential before purchasing it. It is quite important to get feedback from your customers.

Written testimonials are a good starting point, but as I mentioned before, people would rather watch a video than read a text.

By using a video testimonial, you can build trust with your customers.

With written testimonials, there is a possibility that it might be a fake testimonial, but with video testimonials and the face of the person that’s talking, it’s definitely harder to fake.

4) Instructional Video

You just bought a chair flat pack and it’s time to assemble it.

Yes, it does come with an instruction, but for some reason, it is really hard to understand!

Like myself, assembling furniture can be very frustrating. Which is why instructional videos will be a life-saver. Sounds a bit exaggerated.

Believe me, if you’re someone like me that rented an unfurnished apartment, thinking you can buy flatpacks to save money and build them later.

Then turns out that you have no skill what-so-ever in building furniture (or building anything at all!) and can’t ask anyone for help.

You’ll learn to start appreciating the simple things in life and wish (prayed really hard, actually) that there is a Youtube video tutorial on how to build that pile of torture.

5) Company Culture

This video style is normally shown to the business’ employees, rather than their customers.

As the name suggests, this video explains what the company stands for and sometimes how it feels like to work with the company. It can also be used to attract people to work with the company and also to train the newcomers.

6) Tips And Tricks

Would you be interested in bragging about your expertise in your industry? And as a result, you can build trust with your customers because you’ve shown them that you’re a pro in this industry.

You can definitely do this with this video type.

This video type shows that you know what you’re talking about and shows that you know it well enough that you have some tips and tricks to make things easier than what it should’ve been, like a life hack!

7) Announcements

Announcements in the form of video can be highly engaging and help increase traffic.

You can start by releasing short teaser videos if you’re launching a new product to build hype and curiosity.

8) FAQs

People will always have questions. About everything and anything. However, some questions are more frequently asked than the others, that’s why it’s important to have FAQs.

Why? It saves you a lot of time and energy replying to those questions one by one. Videos help you to be able to interact with your customers, and it shows that you care about your customers.

Rather than you want them to buy your products and if they have questions they can figure it out themselves.

There are more than these 8 different video types in the market, and you are more than welcome to make other videos for your company. We do recommend you to consider the above video types first before pursuing other methods though.

If you want to create one of these videos but don’t know who can help, WE CAN!

Schedule your free consultation session at https://breadnbeyond.com/packages/ and let’s get started!

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