8 Reasons Why Explainer Videos Are Vital For your Businesses

People who seek information on goods and services have only one purpose in mind — to get solutions to their problems. Thus, the internet has become the go-to resource and is the meeting point between prospective clients and companies.

But, what people resort to when they surf the internet to learn about a product or service?

They look up for visual representation of those products or services in video format. This means, video is the major player on the internet and by 2020, 82% of internet traffic will be video.

CISCO predicted that video downloads would use up 90% of bandwidth by the year 2020, as compared to approximately 50% now

Pssst… Leverage The Stats For Your Gains

If a video-based campaign is not your company’s top priority. This will be a fatal mistake if it continues to persist for the following year.

You may have discovered all sorts of media that worked for your company in the past. So, you think why would you want to add video explainer marketing on top of all that?

The truth is, there are 8 reasons how explainer video can help your business in the long run. And you don’t wish your marketing strategy to be the last runner in the track, right?

The Fundamentals

Regardless of the industry of your company, and no matter how big or small your company is. Your company must be on alert and able to differentiate which marketing strategy suits your segmented market best.

I tried to narrow down the objectives to help you figure out. I ended up with these three important points.

A. What Kind Of Product/Services Your Company Serve?

If your company serves apps, software, innovative products, to niche services the chances are, you are in dire need to convert your content to visual formats.


Because you want to save time and efficiently execute while educating your consumers about your products or services without outsourcing many people to do the job for you.

B. Does Your Company Have Social Media Or Websites?

If your answer is yes, then you’re in luck, Google’s ranking loves video content, which means a sudden boost of rank on the Google page if you embed an explainer video along with other promotional ads you have.

C. Do You Know Your Target Audience?

People no longer bother to read a newspaper these days. Especially those who are born after the year 1990. What they do instead, they Google the information they need from the internet. And what does this mean? It means the information needs to be digitized.

Why Your Company Needs An Explainer Video?

Basically, an explainer video comes in a complete packet that combines moving text, graphics, animation, still images and any other format of communications you’d like to use to describe your business. It also strengthens your company

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Online presence
  3. Build stronger brand affiliation and reveal company personality
  4. Social media engagement

Explainer video attracts larger audiences, it is also able to explain, simplify your products or services, and maintain your relationship with your customer. The added bonus of having an explainer video is, it diversifies your promotional channels.

How An Explainer Video Can Be In Rescue?

Well, here is 8 reasons why.

Using an explainer video is an excellent way to assist potential buyers without having them read a lump of text. And these are 8 other reasons why you should immediately convert your contents to its visual format.

  1. Presenting (visual interaction)

The visually attractive features offered in explainer video act as a visual aid, luring your consumers’ attention and as compared to other marketing tools in the market an explainer video has proven to be 43% more persuasive!

2. Retain viewer attention

People retain up to 50% more information if they learn it through a combination of visual and verbal cues. And explainer videos preserve viewers’ attention up to 70% of its total duration.

3. Selections

Give people access to reach you. If they are given a choice, I assure you they will deliberately pick a visual channel to connect with you.

Since many of us resort to a visual explanation due to its convenience. And many of us are visual learners.

4. Videos have the highest ROI

Video works well as a long term investment and video out of all different tools to help you campaign your marketing strategy has been proven to be the most cost-effective.

5. Conversion Rate

70% of people Google about a product or service. If you can pitch in your product or service well, they most likely will make a purchase within 24 hours window, which means an increased conversion rate!

6. Stretch The Duration

Time spent on average when your prospective consumers visit your social media or website is around 10–20 seconds. The first 20–30 seconds are crucial to pitch your product or service. If they have no reason to stay browsing your social media or website they most likely will go.

But, if you have an explainer video embedded to your social media or website you can stretch that duration from 20 seconds up to 60 seconds.

7. Mutuality

Video tends to get shared rather easy. Similarly to building bridges, video connects you with your consumers in a similar manner.

8. SEO friendly

Google engine loves video content. Google for their rankings rate the average time spent on every time your social media or website is visited by your consumers.

Having an explainer video embedded to your social media or website could stretch the duration your consumer spent on your social media or website. This will send a positive message to the search engines, and it helps your content appearing higher in searches and you’re 53 times more likely to show up first on Google rankings.

Different Types Of Explainer Video For Your Every Need

Now you are on your way cooking ideas to make your very own explainer video, and you think, well, explainer video can only cater to those companies who need introduction videos to pitch their solutions/products or services.

Then you are completely mistaken. Many cases point that explainer videos can be used for internal company purposes (training videos, opening for events video and many more).

Explainer videos have many different styles. And each type of video caters to different needs.

For example, if your company is this big international corporation, then I recommend whiteboard animation. It is a classic and traditional definition of explanatory video content. It is the simplest form of a 2d animation.

Or say you run a startup software company whose aim to educate your consumer about how the software UX design works. Then Motion Graphic Animation will be your go-to. This video animation style conveys an explanation through simple animated graphics. Since there’s always constant movement, this style is designed to be engaging and easy to follow.

Obviously, there are many other types of animation styles you can use. If you are still confused about which style you should go with. You could refer to this article to help you narrow your search for the best types of explainer clips for your company.


Still, have a doubt why videos are important for businesses? Let’s put the statistic to perspective.

Remember 82% of internet traffic will come directly from video consumption. This translates to a major market share of video as a new commodity.

It will be a pity if this will be a missed opportunity if you are not leveraging the statistic for your company gain.

To recap: Having an explainer video can help to spread your company’s brand awareness, build a strong consumer and company relationship by maintaining clear and direct communication and letting your company personality to speak for itself.

Do you think post helps you in addressing your doubts on the importance of explainer video for business? Would you kindly let me know in the comments section below!

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