A Quick Guide to Viral Video Marketing

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When you are so eager to create a video, it is evident that you want your video to be viral. You put your best effort, creativity, and originality of your video to make it popular.

Video has become a functional platform to advertise products or brands, to share information, to entertain people worldwide, and many others.

As mentioned above, a video has different functions and capabilities.

In today’s discussion, we will deeply talk about viral video and tips to make your video marketing goes viral.

Create a Viral Video: The Recipe

To make a video goes viral is somehow a hard job to do. You have to pay attention to many aspects to advertise your video to reach the target viewers correctly.

Here are some tips and ways to make your video goes viral,

1) It Needs to Be Concise and Sweet

Your video does not need to be in minutes, because you will bore your audience in the first minute.

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You need to understand that you must compact your creation as short as possible, but if your video is about a review or explanation, try not to make it that short.

Try to get the video at the best angle and sight. The right angle and view will help your audience to take a good look and detail of the content of the video.

2) Understand Your Audience

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When creating the video, think about who your targeted audiences are. The audience is an essential aspect of your content creation process.

The audience is the one who will make your video viral if you succeed in getting their attention.

Once the audience’s attention is in your grab, you can sit tight, waiting for more audiences to come.

If they think that your video is worth watching, they will click the share, like, and comment buttons. From this step, your video will be spread worldwide.

3) Be Informative and Put a Clear CTA

Here’s a harsh truth: your audience does not care about what products you’re trying to sell, they care about the content.

Try to put important, valuable messages in your video, and it can be in the middle or at the end of your video. It helps them to recall and remember your brand or video.

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Also, do not forget to put the call to action at the end of your video to engage the viewers to do your desired action.

4) Schedule Your Releasing Date

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It is essential always to put your releasing date on the schedule. If you are sure that your video will hit the chart, then schedule your video time-release wisely.

If you upload your video on an exact time and date every week, you can ask your audience to turn on the notification bell so that your audience knows that you are a diligent creator.

Moreover, if you diligently upload videos on your channel, you can manage to create attractive thumbnails on your page.

The thumbnail will help to give a snippet of what the whole video is about. It also allows you to show the uniqueness of your idea and your page.

Those are the tips that you can try to make your video viral. In the next discussion, we will take a closer look at some viral videos from Youtube.

5) Share It Worldwide!

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Once your video is created, do not forget to prepare the social media platforms to share your great video!

Try to use known and popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LINE, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, and others to share your video.

Every social media platform has its strength to grab its audience. So, try to maximize the use of the features of each social media platform to seize as much audience as you can.

However, one thing you should be mindful of: make sure you tailor videos to specific platforms — considering that each social media has its own demographic. That’s what Herman Poleschuk said in his article.

Viral Video Examples

Here are some videos that have become the talk of the town, get million views and shares, and of course increase sales revenue.

1) Dollar Shave Club: “Our Blade Are F****ing Great”

Have you seen the video? This one is one of the most viral and well-known video ads.

Within just 90 days after it was posted on YouTube, the video hit 5 million views. That was a massive amount of eyeballs!

As a result, more than 12,000 new customers signed up for the monthly subscription razor service within the first two days.

The secret? Well, the company seems to know their target customers’ sense of humor. They know that young men like straightforward, silly internet jokes.

Thus, they tried to resonate with the audience and deliver it with a voice and personality that captivates them through a one-on-one connection

Poo-Pourri: “Girls Don’t Poop”

A toilet spray company Poo-Pourri debuted its first promotional video titled “Girls Don’t Poop” that became a sensation on the Internet.

It has been viewed (collectively) over 350 million times — including more than 45 million views on YouTube platform.

Because of the video, the company and has increased sales by 90% in the same year the ad debuted.

What makes it viral, though?

They quite understand their target customers' problems. Look, the title “Girls Don’t Poop” says it all.

With an entertaining narration and silly poo jokes, this video can turn an awkward topic into something worth sharing.

3) TrueMoveH: “Giving”

We’re not crying. You’re crying.

Since this tear-jerker video was uploaded n 2013, it got more than 40 million views and continues to be the brand’s most popular YouTube video.

Why does it work?

The reason is actually quite obvious: because it invokes empathy. That’s key to influence buying decisions, especially when there’s a story involved.

The company didn’t try too hard to sell the product — as you can see, not once throughout the story is the brand mentioned. Instead, they provide its target customers with a valuable story that still relevant to their brand.

As mentioned before, once you put a value on your video, your target audience can’t help but watch the video al the way through and easily remember it.

How You Make Your Video Viral?

So, from the tips and examples above, how will you make your video go viral? You can consider using these useful video marketing tools before you start creating your viral videos.

Are these tips useful for you?

What viral marketing video that you still remember so well?

Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment below!

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