A Quick Guide to YouTube Marketing in 2020

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Watching YouTube videos has now become a daily routine for some internet users. This platform can provide you with billions of online videos — even the ones you didn’t know you needed to watch.

Let’s be honest, on this platform, we can spend a wasted afternoon watching a funny cat video after another. Or those meme compilations that never failed to make us laugh.

YouTube’s flourishing popularity makes some people (some call them YouTubers and others call them content creators) create creative content and make a living off of YouTube.

So, whether you’re a content creator wannabe or a marketer who’s interested in using YouTube to maximize your business promotion, here’s a quick walkthrough to a winning YouTube marketing strategy.

Let’s jump in!

Why YouTube?

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By all means, it offers you a huge opportunity to be “seen” by your target audience.

Now, let’s get more in-depth.

This platform has at least 2 billion logged-in monthly users and quickly become the first place internet users will go to find online videos.

Therefore, jumping into this platform allows you to expand and reach your target audience.

In this matter, YouTube is not only a source of entertainment but also a highly-potential tool for most marketers out there.

According to the State of Inbound, nearly half of all marketers (48%) plan to include YouTube marketing to their overall business marketing strategy over the next year.

Another reason why YouTube is an ideal channel for your marketing efforts is that the platform is so accessible and extensive.

It can be accessed in 76 different languages, where it makes sense to start trying to appeal to a wider demographic.

The Top 2020 Trends on YouTube

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YouTube is an ever-growing, ever-changing hotspot for its users. Every year, the platform has some popular video trends that most users are likely to enjoy.

If you’ve been a while on the platform, you might have noticed that some trends (like shopping haul, Harlem shake, ice bucket challenge, etc.) are dead and some others are ramping up.

Thus, knowing and staying up-to-date with the emerging trends can help you to get more insights on an effective YouTube marketing strategy so you’ll get the maximum results.

And this year, 2020, has very interesting trends. Mostly because these global pandemic issues that turn our lives upside down.

So, here are some trends that most YouTube users enjoy to watch.

1) Healthcare Tips

Since the pandemic outbreak, the healthcare category has never been more popular than ever before on YouTube.

More and more users on the platforms are looking for ways to stay healthy (of course, physically and mentally).

So, if you want to get more attention for your brand, it never hurts to try providing some information about staying healthy.

2) Day-in-the-life Routines

We’re still talking about the pandemic. Many of our routines have changed dramatically due to the crisis.

This new normal temp users to share their “new routine” to others. It comes as no surprise that this type of content is gaining more traction this year.

3) DIY Crafts and Life Hacks

DIY crafts and life hacks are one of the YouTube contents that are easy to watch. They’re mostly short and concise.

Oftentimes, it also provides users with creative, out-of-this-world ideas that you’ve never imagined before.

Therefore, this type of content is addicting to watch.

Especially during these hard times in quarantine, where more and more people are spending their time at home.

They can’t help but find useful activities. (by creating handicrafts or trying life hacks) to kill boredom and stay productive.

4) Reaction Videos

Reaction videos are, indeed, not a new trend on the platform, at all.

It’s a trend that goes viral after the comedic duo Fine Brothers uploaded a video simply titled “React” that has over 903 million views.

However, the videos of people reacting to games, commercials, music videos, and more are still alive and show no signs of fading out.

Killer Tips to Improve YouTube Marketing Strategy

It’s easy to feel daunted trying to stand out in an environment with that much content, but hey, that’s why you’re here!

Now, we’re going to break down some essential tips so you can improve your YouTube presence and get the limelight your channel deserves.

Learn More About Your Audience

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First thing first, you need to define your target audience; who you upload the video for?

It helps you to feel confident that you’re reaching the right audience so you can come up with efficient and effective strategies.

Make sure you have answers to these such questions:

  • What’s the age range and gender of your target audiences?
  • What things do they value most?
  • What trends do they currently hype for?

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Research Your Competition

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As mentioned before, knowing and understanding the latest trends on YouTube make it easier for you to pull ahead of other businesses in your niche on the platform.

Staying up-to-date with those trends can also help you to identify potential opportunities is readily available so you can fill the gaps.

Learn From Your Favorite Channels

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You can learn from your favorite channels too. Try to identify why they’re worth watching channels and what makes their content are so enjoyable.

You can also read their video descriptions and title to see what keywords they’re using in their YouTube search optimization.

Next, you can use the same one to improve your ranking in the SERPs.

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A Clear Call to Action

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One of the most often-overlooked tips on YouTube marketing strategy: includes a clear call to action.

Make sure you provide your audience with bits of information about what they should do next after they watch the video.

Do you want them to watch another video? Subscribe to your channel? Purchase your product?


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Building a solid YouTube presence takes time. But, once you crack the code, the results will justify the time and energy that you have spent on it.

You need to be consistent and stick to the schedule on uploading new content. It proves to your audience that you take your YouTube efforts pretty seriously. Therefore, they can trust your channel and stick around it.

So, what do you think about those YouTube marketing strategies? Have you ever tried one of them? Or do you have another tip to share with your fellow marketers?

For more insights about YouTube marketing, read more at YouTube for Business — The Essentials For an Effective YouTube Strategy.

Let us know in the comment below! 😊

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