A Quick Walkthrough on Explainer Video Production Process

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Using an animated explainer video is a useful tool to advertise your product or brands creatively.

With its precise and clear graphics along with a straightforward explanation on the video, an explainer video can bring out your products’ message in concise and accurate delivery.

An explainer video might not be a brand new method to engage with more customers, but it will make your brand or product memorable for new customers.

To make an explainer video, you must face detailed steps to create an excellent video. Moreover, it would be best if you had a professional team to deal with these measures.

In this session, we will intensely discuss the explainer video-making process. Let’s jump to main our main discussion!

7 Essential Steps to Create an Explainer Video

#1. Project Research

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Furthermore, they will ask their clients detail information about the types of styles that they desire in their video. The team will obtain information about the purpose of the product or brand that the clients want to highlight in their video later on. Getting to know the product helps the team understand how they will show off your product.

This step is a doorway clue to start all video production processes. If you want to ask a studio agency to make your explainer video, try to give them complete explanations and detail. If you found a particular video that you like, it will help them understand your vision as well.

#2. Script Writing Process

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In scriptwriting, the writer pays attention to the short span that an explainer video has.

For the scriptwriters, the shorter the narrator talks in the video, the more audience remember the main point of the messages.

The standard length of the script for an explainer video is 150 words per minute. The reason behind this rule is because the video agency wants the audience to understand the video’s messages well.

#3. Designing Character Process

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For animated explainer videos, designing the characters is a crucial step. The characters must not offend ethnic or race but still incorporate the company’s brand.

In an animated explainer video, the clients can ask for non-human characters if they wish.

Therefore, the client must be cooperative in this step.

#4. Storyboarding Process

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In this step, the clients can get several revisions for the visualization styles. Also, in this session, the clients can check the color compilations of the whole video.

In this stage, you, as clients, need to make sure that all the characters, colors, and visualization match your needs because this step is the determinant step for the clients to jump on the video phase.

#5. Voice Recording Process

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A professional speaker handles this process. You can ask for a revision if the speaker speaks too fast or lack of intonations.

In this process, you have to make sure that the script is well delivered to the audiences. This step is crucial as the other steps since the narrator can pique the interest of your audience.

#6. Video Production Process

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After the revision, the video agency will send the whole video with a revised version.

This phase will decide whether the video goes live or not.

Thus, the video agency must try their best to fulfill their clients’ needs and desires.

#7. Music and Sound Effect Process

The music and sound effect process is the final step to make your video feel alive and exciting.

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You get to choose the music and sound effect for your video. Therefore, try to select a piece of engaging and fun music that will lift your audience’s mood. But be careful not to pick a piece of music that will drown out your narrator or loud enough to startle your audience.

After this process, your video is ready to publish.

Breadnbeyond is Ready to be Your Animated Explainer Video Partner

Breadnbeyond has been working with International clients like Accenture, The World Bank, Garuda Indonesia, Glassdoor, and many more to create a professional explainer video.

Moreover, Breadnbeyond offers you five significant steps for the video-making process.

Those significant steps include gathering ideas, designing characters, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and producing animation.

Breadnbeyond also offers its clients with various packages. You can check the packages at https://breadnbeyond.com/packages/.

What Do You Say?

Is it complicated enough for you to deal?

Are you ready to have an explainer video for your brand or products?

Please tell us what you think about the explainer video production process below!

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