A Walkthrough to Whiteboard Animation: Styles, Types, Softwares and Other Important Information

In this modern era, every information can be found online. People tend to browse, watch, read and other activities through online media.

There are multiple ways to market and promote products, which have been developed in the recent years.

The advancement of technology has brought marketers to find out more creative ways to enhance brand awareness.

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Most marketers have jumped to use explainer videos to market their brand and increase the number of customers.

Various types of explainer videos that exist in this world. One of the most well-known explainer video style is whiteboard animation.

What exactly is a Whiteboard Animation?

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From its name, whiteboard animation is designed by showing static images drawn on the screen or board.

The creator leads viewers with clear and concise drawings. Moreover, the script of the video is led by the third-person narrator so that the viewers can listen to the messages clear.

The mesmerizing clips and drawing on the whiteboard give a good impact to viewers to put the brand last longer on their memory.

Types of Whiteboard Animation that Suits for Your Brand Awareness

There are various types of whiteboard animation are made based on audiences’ needs. We can recommend you 5 types:

  1. The Overview Explainer Video

The animation highlights things that make you different from other companies. Thus, you must be concise with your brand messages when you decide to use this type.

2. The Pre-roll Ad

From its name, we know that this kind of animated video will be played before the main video on Youtube or another streaming tool. This type lasts for 15–20 seconds therefore advertiser must be clear of things they are going to say.

3. The Specific Product Video

This whiteboard type lasts longer than other videos for about 90 seconds to 3 minutes long. The long duration is determined because the video will talk about certain companies deeply.

4. The Campaign Update Animation

This type will focus on explaining your projects or campaigns over some important issues. For companies who want to promote their campaign, they can use whiteboard animation to give a quick explanation to their viewers.

5. Holiday Greeting Videos

The whiteboard video positively makes your greetings look larger alive and realistic. The animator can be requested to make a video out of anything.

There are still lots of different types whiteboard explainer video can offer. The most important thing about the type is clients’ demands and desires.

Clients can request any different type of video to the video animation company or animators but they have to be clear and concise about the storyline, characters, backgrounds, scripts, and others so that the messages of the video are delivered to audiences and viewers.

Recommended Whiteboard Animation Software for your D.I.Y Video

If you are a creative creator, these recommended whiteboard animation softwares can be used to create your own whiteboard animation.

a. VideoScribe

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One of the leading programs to create creative whiteboard animation videos with an affordable variety of prices.

By utilizing this program, you can simply select pictures, texts, and background. The rest will be taken care of by the program.

There is a free trial available for this program. It starts from $ 6.50/ month and $ 75/ year.

b. Explaindio

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Another software is explaindio. It is suitable for Mac and Windows users to create compelling and appealing whiteboard videos.

It offers you complete facilities before-mentioned as FMV (full motion video) and whiteboard sketch components.

You can get it by paying $ 59/year. It is quite affordable for what you can get out of it.

c. Adobe Animate CC

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Established by Adobe, Adobe Animate CC is ready to help creators to make whiteboard animation with new animation techniques.

This software offers you a tilt sensitive vector that gives brush effect looks alive. This software starts from $ 19.99.

d. Powtoon

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For a more affordable price of whiteboard software, Powtoon can be a suggested software for creative creators.

Starting from $ 16/ month, this software offers you various templates that enable you to design a super creative whiteboard animation for any themes.

e. Camtasia

Another professional software that is suitable to help you create an incredible whiteboard animation is Camtasia.

Camtasia is considered to be quite an expensive program because it costs $ 249 for a single user license.

However, it also offers you around 500,000 free stock photos, videos, audios, even images that you can organize to complete your whiteboard animation.

Things You Should Pay Attention at Before Making Your Whiteboard Animation

If you are an animator or creative creator, a list of things you need to understand to make whiteboard animation would not be a burden for you.

However, if you do not have any knowledge about the preparation then it bad. This part will discuss things you should pay attention to before creating or asking an animation agency to create your animated video.

First things first, try to consider the storyline of the whiteboard animation video that you want to provide.

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The storyline must meet audiences’ problems and needs. Further, try to provide solutions and offers on your storyline. Further, it will be greater if you decide characters that can represent your audiences as well.

For whiteboard animation, it is important to mind keeping the hand drawing on your video. Whiteboard animation is an animated video that identical with its hand drawing.

For the characters in the video, it will be great if they have emotions that also represent your viewers’ feelings about their issues in recent days.

Last but not least, the drawings of whiteboard animation must be sequential. In other words, the drawings are related to one another. This sequence is used to keep your audience’s attention to the video plot and messaging.

Are You Interested to Advertise Your Business through Whiteboard Animation?

Advertising your products and engaging new customers to come to you can be done by explaining products through animated videos like whiteboard animation.

Just in a few seconds or minutes, your products will be explained clearly and attractively with whiteboard animation!

What do you think of whiteboard animation? Is it appealing enough to promote your business?

Tell us your opinion below!

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