Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Video Marketing

How AI-powered video marketing software can help you run a more high-performing video marketing campaign

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Video is on the top list of content types for marketing strategy because 64% of consumers purchase after watching a video on social media.

However, making video marketing remains one of the most challenging tasks for marketers.

They claimed that crafting a compelling video took a long time while others said that their videos did not reach their targeted audiences.

On the other hand, the best marketing strategy practice should have as many high-quality videos as possible.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as the solution. Sooner or later, AI on video marketing will be the new normal.

Here are the reasons AI can enhance your video marketing:

1. Get a higher engagement rate

It covers the number of shares, likes, call-to-action clicks, comments, and other types of interaction from audiences with the video.

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A higher engagement rate means a bigger chance to boost your brand awareness and conversion.

The average engagement rate for videos was up to 52%. — SmartInsights

AI can help you enhance your performance. It can provide you with additional information about your target audiences.

It’s also capable of delivering specific data analysis regarding the best days and times to post content in which people are more likely to watch them as soon as they’re published.

2. Gain positive ROI

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They need more accurate and real-time data to test their video marketing.

AI analytics could be the solution because it will provide a clear picture of what video content can accomplish in detail.

The data provided by AI analytics can be the basic guideline for establishing a new video concept.

More than that, AI analytics is also good to test your content without spending much budget on it.

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3. Socially-relevant content with real-time updates

It’s like having someone who is always watching over each piece of video material you create.

It will send you notifications when someone clicks on it, leaves a comment, and so on.

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The fast update might help you figure out whether or not you need to optimize your content.

Examine the data offered by AI technologies to determine which areas of your content should be improved depending on how people reacted to it.

4. Drive your video marketing to the right audiences

AI can assist you in finding the best way to meet your targeted viewers, who may be your potential customers.

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At least 64% of people are more likely to purchase your product after watching a video marketing campaign offering a product or service that fits their needs and preference.

In simple words, AI helps you to find people who need your brand.

5. Improve the personalization experience for customers

In addition, customized videos gain 35% more viewers than a non-personalized marketing campaign. — HubSpot

“Can AI help you to prepare customized video marketing in a short time?”

Yes, it can! AI data has recently been able to deliver hyper-personalization data about customers.

You learn about your buyer persona before setting up personalized strategies that look appealing to them.

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AI can help you to work effectively and efficiently. It provides a ton of data that can be the foundation in preparing your video marketing.

Once the video is ready, AI can drive the content to the targeted audiences.

As a result, the engagement rate, ROI, and conversion from your video marketing keep growing.

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