Animated Marketing: Why Businesses Should Use Animation for Marketing

Who does not love cartoons or animated films? I bet most of us love them. The endearing characters and riveting storyline make cartoons attractive and watchable for people of all ages.

And since most people are already familiar with cartoons and fall in love with it, savvy and smart marketers out there know that they can’t sit idly by it. They won’t leave any money on the table.

They integrated cartoons or animation into their marketing strategy to reach and appeal to a broader audience.

In this post, we’re going to talk about animated marketing and why it’s such an effective way to attract more and more audiences.

Let’s geek out!

Why Use Animation in Marketing?

After years of being an emerging tactic in the marketing landscape, animation has firmly made it into the mainstream. They integrate animation into their marketing toolbox.

They now flock into animated explainer videos, animated GIFs, funny doodles, infographics with animated and cartoon design, animated images, and more.

Now the question is: why on earth should you use animation in your marketing campaigns? These reasons below will give you answers:

1) Animation Makes the Explanation Easier to Retain

Animation makes anything look easy. With compelling storytelling, the explanation is easy to follow.

Not to mention the endearing characters that make it even more captivating and enjoyable.

In essence, the help of endearing visuals also helps you to retain all the crucial information and keep it into your mind for a longer period of time.

That’s how you make your audience understand better about your brand and easily recall it.

Let’s take a look at how HealMate gives its audiences visually-engaging animations using this explainer video below:

2) Animation Appeals to Audiences of All Ages

As mentioned before, cartoons and other animation are extremely versatile as they can appeal to audiences of all ages — from kids, generation Z to baby boomers.

So, if you include animation to your marketing strategy, the chances are higher for you to reach more and more audiences.

And that’s extremely crucial in the era where businesses are fighting tooth and nail to attract new potential audiences in the marketplace that’s getting fiercer every day.

3) Animation Is Budget-Friendly

Compared to real-life images or live-action videos which require fancy equipment to make it professional-looking, the animation is much more affordable.

There is a bunch of software and tools that can help you craft a customized animated content for your marketing.

They’re mostly easy to use, so even if you don’t have any basic design skills, you’ll still be able to create them.

4) Animation Triggers Nostalgia

Nostalgia marketing is such an effective way to grab the audience’s attention in a flash by appealing to their warm recollections of the past.

In this case, cartoons and animation bring those good old days memories where you used to sit around the TV as kids, watching cartoons on your pajamas every weekend.

Therefore, animation can be an excellent tactic for getting consumers to spend money to purchase your brand.

5) Animation Avoids Hard-Selling

Animation always has a story to tell. Every marketing jargon will be packed in a compelling, riveting story — minimalizing the hard-selling that some audience finds it annoying.

Most audiences wouldn’t willingly choose to sit around watching boring ads. With the ability to tell stories, animation doesn’t give you a feel like you’re watching an advertisement.

Instead, it just seems like an interesting story that you might relate to.

6) Animation Creates ANY Scenes

When it comes to animation, possibilities are almost endless. You don’t see flying fish in real life, but sure you do if it’s animated.

That’s what makes animation appealing for most marketers: animation can create any scene or environment that real-life cameras can’t capture. Therefore, animation allows your creative genius to spark even more.

Animation in Explainer Videos: A Winning Type of Content

One of the most popular ways to use animation in marketing is through explainer videos. This highly-engaging type of video has now become a staple content in every smart marketer marketing strategy for obvious reasons.

Increase Brand Awareness

In this era where internet users are being bombarded with video content, animated explainer videos can help you to stand out among the crowd and get their attention from the get-go.

The endearing characters are captivating enough to stop their thumbs from scrolling. That’s how you can improve your brand awareness with it.

Tell Compelling Stories

Animated explainer videos pack crucial information in the form of entertainment by telling compelling stories. So, your audience can get both information and entertainment about your brand at the same time.

That way, you can deliver even the complex ideas of your brand and break down into smaller chunks so the audience can digest it much easier.

Strongly Engage Audience

A well-crafted animated explainer video allows you to point out the pain points of your potential audiences so it can quickly grab their attention.

More than that, it also helps you to hold their attention and tempt them to watch it all the way through.

Your audience finds delightfully-crafted animated explainer videos more captivating and even getting emotionally involved in the story that’s unfolding.

Increase Trust and Likeability

Trust and likeability are keys to gaining more audiences. And animated explainer videos offer you a solution for it.

Animated explainer videos are excellent for amping up the trust/ likeability factor. Done right, you’ll be able to build trust between your brand and your audience.

Reach Younger Audience

As animated explainer videos can appeal to the audiences of all ages, it means it can also attract younger audiences — a crucial generation to include a target audience.

Younger audiences (gen Z and Millennials) have a massive spending power that can have a huge impact on your brand.

In lieu of long-form content, bite-sized videos have been the go-to for brands that aim to target younger customers. Anything that’s considered static and boring doesn’t stand much of a chance to them.

Animated explainer videos are short, concise, and valuable, making them qualified to appeal to a younger audience and get them through your sales funnel.

That has been a quick walkthrough of animated marketing. So, have your business integrated any animated content to attract a broader audience?

Or, do you have any animated marketing tips for other fellow marketers? Leave a comment below!😊🙌🙌



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