App Demo Video Examples to Get Inspired From

Say goodbye to flyers, catalogs, door-to-door marketing, and expensive events to promote your new app

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Developing your mobile app will help you to be one step ahead of your competitors, but also enable you to get closer to your customer without any limit!

It gets your product known by much wider customers. They also offer an opportunity to see how you are producing your product.

It’s true that social media is helping a lot to promote business, but it is not as effective as mobile apps.

A mobile app will help you to send a message directly to your customer without having to jostle for space with other competitors!

Mobile apps can also benefit you by providing figures, shopping carts, conversions, search data, and any other types of analytics and data to help you make decisions for your business.

Mobile apps help you to measure your digital marketing ROI (Return on Investment).

It measures the profit or loss that you generate on your digital marketing based on your investment).

In a situation like this, It’s hard to measure ROI without data. The use of mobile apps will help you overcome this problem by giving you unbiased information about how your business is growing and how to improve it based on real statistics.

Now, you have an app ready, but how do you let people know how to use it, or even attract them to using it in the first place?

You can’t meet in person, and of course, you don’t want to continue having online meetings where you spend valuable time repeating the exact same thing over and over again.

We have good news for you! There are several video explainer companies that specialize in helping you overcome those problems.

By using an explainer video, you will be able to demonstrate all of the features and functions of your app. And in the screen capture mode (live footage), you can also show the real experience as you demonstrate the app.

People nowadays hate wasting time on everything they work on, so by using a video explainer you would be able to deliver a direct, simple, and informative video in 60–70 seconds video or more if needed.

Here are some examples of app demo videos that we have collaborated on:

Explainer Video for Panoroo | Cartoon Animation

Working in the real estate industry has traditionally relied upon an “in-person” method. But nowadays, the current situation does not allow us to do that safely.

Meet Panaroo! An “in-person” app that brings your business directly to customer's hands without worries anymore.

With this app, you can show off all the interesting parts of a house by using multiple video chats or two-by-two chats.

See? It Works! Even the industries like real estate, once thought impossible to handle remotely, can now continue selling their products to the customer effectively.

The use of cartoon animation makes it interesting but also easy to understand. It’s not only working for those of you doing the selling, but also for your customers too. It’s a great win-win situation!

Explainer Video for The Keen App | Motion Graphic with Character

There is a ton of online shopping out there.

As a customer, you always want to buy the best product at the best price too! You never want to miss a current promo or trending item because you get lost in an app.

Keen App has a solution for you! You can choose the product that you like with lots of different prices and promos!

This explainer video is simple but very informative for customers who need a quick demo of how to use the app.

With just a 1-minute video, Keen App is able to present its detailed information to the customers.

Cartoon Animated Explainer Video for VaOurWay

Hey Virginians! Love to keep up with the politics and government in your beautiful state? Or maybe you want to get an actual update about what’s been happening on the inside?

VaOurWay is going to help you track and watch real-time, factual information about what’s happening in the government currently.

There is no limitation in the online world, even for those of you in the political arena.

This app brings you even deeper and closer to the factual information about what is happening there.

The use of cartoon animation helps your target audience become much more interested in the content of the video.

By explaining the main features, the audience will be able to understand how the app works in a useful way.

Explainer Video for WizeFi | Motion Graphic with Character

It can be hard to manage your finances without professional help.

WizeFi presents a personal finance system for you so that you know where your money goes and how best to save it — now you don’t have to worry when it’s time to retire!

WizeFi helps you to manage your money and keep track of your finances right in the palm of your hand. It’s not only easy to use, but it’s so effective too!

As I’ve mentioned before, the online world is limitless. We often find finances to be complicated and boring, but by using this video, WizeFi is able to explain how their system and app works for you without having to wipe the sweat from your forehead!

The use of both cartoon and motion graphics in this video helps the customer to see what will happen when they use the app for their own finances.

The smooth and slick movement shown in this video makes it easy to understand each detail of the app itself.

It brings you to a deeper understanding of how the app and the company are going to help you manage your finances.

Cartoon Animation with Screen Capture Video for Fanapptic

As I’ve mentioned in the introduction, by using a video explainer, you can also invite your customers to enjoy a real-life experience by adding some actual footage from your app.

The use of screen capture in your video is really helpful in getting the target audience to see how to use each feature in detail.

The screen capture shown in this video uses a redrawing method to make it look smooth and blend well with the animation.

Even though you are using cartoon animation, the redrawing method will help your video look smoother without reducing the actual features or appearance of your app!

There are millions of apps available on various platforms right now. How to make yours stand out from the crowd?

An animated explainer video can help you demonstrate and illustrate the real-life experience of your app so that your customer catches the vision clearly.

Don’t stress out about how you’ll ever be able to make a professional-grade explainer video to attract and educate customers by yourself.

Breadnbeyond would love to help you design and create a demo video just for you.

We will help you simplify the process of introducing your apps by cutting out unnecessary information and turning them into a premier demonstration for your apps. Contact us.

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