How Long Should My App Explainer Videos Be?

Should all of your marketing videos really be shorter than two minutes?

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We all know how powerful explainer videos are!

Explainer videos are the most effective way of conveying an idea or concept in a persuasive & compelling manner. This is what makes SaaS companies rely on explainer videos to introduce their app or features to their target users.

And when we talk about app explainer videos, there’s one question we — as a video production company get asked by our clients quite a lot :

what is an ideal length for my app explainer video, though?

So, we are here at your disposal to tell you the ideal length of your app explainer videos so that you can make the most of your app marketing campaigns.

Video Length and Engagement

Humans now have an attention span shorter than a goldfish

And it has decreased to 8.25 seconds.

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This signifies that your video must be highly creative and appealing in the eyes of the viewers while holding their attention throughout.

Knowing that you have hardly 8 seconds to invoke interest in the viewers, you must pay heed to the duration of your video.

In this context, there’s a strong relationship between the length of the video and the engagement it creates.

Below are a few statistics that prove how the length of a video impacts its engagement:

  • 2-minute long videos can generate superb engagement. If your video is less than 120 seconds long, your viewers will remain captivated.
  • A 6–12 minute long video will offer you another opportunity to connect with your viewers and understand your brand better.
  • If a marketing video is more than 12 minutes long, your video will start losing engagement from the potential customers. Well, it’s not a vlog, after all.

What is the ‘Perfect Length’?

You must know that the length of your video for marketing purposes depends on its type.

And not every marketing video must be 2-minute long.

You are doing it wrong if you are reducing the length of your video from 10 minutes to 2 minutes.

Like a TED talk that lasts for around 15 minutes, a 2-minute long sales pitch, or a short advert of fewer than 60 seconds, each video is of a specific length based on the various factors such as the topic it covers, its target audience, etc. Let’s take a look at each of these:

Content or Topic of the Video

Video marketing is a type of marketing strategy that offers a variety of possibilities to explain or communicate an idea through explainer videos, testimonials, educational videos, how-to videos, etc.

However, you must make note that the content/topic determines whether you should go for a long/short video.

Target Audience

Knowing the target audience is important for every marketer. As it helps in creating a well-crafted & effective video for them.

Also, you must also identify the type of action you wish them to take after watching your video.

The Context of the Video

Determine the type of devices & platforms your audience uses to watch your videos.

Also, know their expectations.

All such factors will have an impact on the length of your video content. For instance, according to Hubspot, a 5-minute long video works well for smartphones.

As far as expectations go, the presentation of your videos as well as the platforms you use will help your audience to expect a long or short video.

The Ideal Length of Different Types of Videos?

The safest thing you can do is to make the video duration no more than 2-minute long.

That being said, the optimal length of a video varies depending on several factors, like its audience, the platform or channel for showcasing it, as well as the style or format you choose.

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Below are some interesting statistics by The Next Web:

  • Creative commercials — Ideal length is between 15–59 seconds
  • Tutorials — Ideal length between 45–90 seconds
  • Crowdfunding videos — Ideal length is around 2.5 minutes
  • Testimonials — Between 60–119 seconds

How Long Should an Explainer Video Be?

The optimal explainer video length is around 90 seconds.

You must note that the main goal of an explainer video is to deliver a business message or idea in a matter of few seconds in an alluring and compelling manner.

Explainer videos must be to the point & precise or else they would lose their effectiveness.

Since your main aim is to offer a viable solution to your audience’s query or issue, you must do it before they lose interest in your video.

The specific length of each explainer video can vary according to the various factors like the type of explainer you choose, the company’s niche, the level of the marketing funnel for which the video is created.

However, there is a soft spot for animated explainer videos that are 60–90 seconds long. In this duration, the marketer can effectively convey the message without losing engagement.

Why Are Short Videos Effective?

Shorter videos have higher retention rates and therefore perform better in terms of SEO & audience engagement.

In most cases, the shorter the video, the higher the chances of viewers sticking around till the end.

Most search engine algorithms are modified to videos with high engagement rates, and therefore as more people watch your videos, the higher the chances of these getting shared with others.

On the other hand, an extremely short video will hardly help as it may lack the information that must be conveyed through it.

Best Practices To Determine the Length of a Video

  • Start with a strong intro— Your video must be to the point & precise. You should avoid being draggy.
  • Research well about your audience — Make sure you research well about your audience and the content they prefer & use
  • Focus on a single concept — Mention a single idea in one video and use the rest of the time to demonstrate it
  • Avoid dead-air time — The videos you create must have a flow so that your audience remains hooked to it
  • Avoid cramming everything in a single piece — If the subject is extensive, a video series will suit better


As per a few studies, the ideal length of an explainer video is around 2 minutes.

But does it signify that every single video you create must be a 2-minute long video?

There are some important factors that you need to consider to make your explainer videos highly effective & engaging.

To talk about explainer videos, people sometimes wonder between ‘short’ & ‘long’. So, if you implement some of the best practices while creating an explainer video, you will definitely get amazing results.

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