Best 10 Animation Apps For Making Eye-Catching Videos

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Who doesn’t love cartoons?

Those endearing characters and riveting storylines take a trip down memory lane and relive our childhood memories.

That’s why animated videos are one of the best-performing types of video since they can appeal to the viewers of all ages.

Whether it’s explainer videos, product videos, e-learning videos, the touch of animation can make the explanation much more enjoyable.

It should come as no surprise that animation and video now go hand-in-hand, just like peanut butter and jelly.

In essence, there are more and more video tools that are created to help people create animation easily.

Here are some animation apps for your devices (phones and desktops) that can help you in creating a stunning animated video hassle-free.

#1. Adobe Spark

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Adobe Spark is a powerful tool that allows you to create graphics in no time. This animation app is available both in mobile and desktop version so that you can work seamlessly whenever the inspirations pop up.

You can import pictures from your devices or simply use what’s in the library. This tool lets you customize and add your own soundtrack and sound effects.

There are a bunch of animated templates so you can browse them for ideas or inspiration for your video and start from scratch.

#2. FlipaClip

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FlipaClip is an app where you can transform your ideas into stunning visual stories in just minutes.

Like it’s said on the tin, you can use this app to create animation from your own sketches that appear similar to a flipbook. It allows you to draw cartoon animations frame by frame with drawing tools available like brushes, lasso, ruler shapes, fill, etc.

This app is free and available for mobile devices only, such as smartphones and tablets. Or, if you want to unlock all the advanced premium features for better results, you can pay for the premium version.

#3. PicsArt

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This app is pretty popular among mobile users. So, PicsArt is a mobile app that provides you with all the basic features you could ask for in video editing.

This app makes you easier to edit or make your animation video from scratch. There are also some drawing tools you can use to design your own animation.

You could add animated stickers, effects, transitions, background music, and even glitch video effects, which seems like a trendy video filter on social media right now.

What makes this app more fascinating is that you can even create your own animated emojis with the Emoji Me feature.

#4. Animation Desk

If you’re looking for a creative app to create frame-to-frame animations with an easy-to-use interface, you’re going to like Animation Desk.

With the app, you can create animation sequences and turn them into animatic storyboards. Then, you can also directly upload it to your social networks.

And since Animation Desk supports multiple import formats, you can easily import your videos and draw animations on it with different brushes.

Even Though this animation app is available on all smart mobile devices (iOS and Android), it performs best on the iPhone and iPad as there are some additional features for the iOS users.

#5. Animoto

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Animoto is a well-known web app in creating animated videos, especially explainer videos. There’s a vast library with some highly-engaging, customizable video templates so you can start creating your animations without any design skills.

You change the color, text, and font and make them suit your brand more. What’s more, they can be set for either a full video or an individual block or frame.

Animoto also provides you with video style features. This feature defines the transitions, text animations, and effects in your video. With none of them, you can choose one that you think might feed your preferences.

#6. Powtoon

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Powtoon is probably another popular web app to create animated videos along with Animoto.

This app provides you with pre-built templates of animated characters, background view, props, and more. You can import voice over and add background music, too.

One of the best features that Powtoon has and makes it different from the other video animation makers is the option to choose between Presentation mode and Animation mode.

#7. Stop Motion Studio

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Stop Motion Studio can help you create terrific stop motion animation with full-packed, unique features, and a clean interface.

More than videos, though, you’d be able to even create a stunning stop motion movie like Wallace and Gromit or those groovy Lego shorts using this app.

Stop Motion Studio provides you with full camera control (both manually or automatically) and camera settings such as focus, exposure, ISO, and white balance.

This mobile app works for both desktops and mobile devices (Android, iOS, and Windows) for free.

#8. Blender

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Blender is the desktop-only animation app that allows you to create ultra-realistic 3D models with its popular, high-end path-tracer engine.

This app offers you with rigging and animation tools which are ideal for creating 3D-animated short films, advertisements, and even TV series.

There are also comprehensive modeling tools to quickly create, edit, and transform the 3D models.

What’s more, you can use visual effect features (VFX) to create camera effects, vignettes, and color grading.

#9. Animate It!

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Other than Stop Motion Studio, we have Animated It! on the list that allows you to create your own stop-frame animated short or long-length videos in no time.

This desktop app provides every basic thing you need to create stunning stop motion videos.

You can capture images from any webcam, import audio clip, draw 2D animation to your videos, and more.

Not to mention the advanced features like time-lapse and cross-platform that make the animation process more fun and the results much more professional-looking.

#10. Pencil2D Animation

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The last animation we have on our list is Pencil2D Animation. This animated video maker app is designed only for desktops.

If you have basic design skills and like to sketch, you’ll love this app since it allows you to make 2D hand-drawn animations.

This app features a smooth switch between raster and vector workflows, so you can sketch, ink & paint on the go.

Not to mention, you can also directly upload on YouTube after you created your hand-drawn animation videos.

That’s been some of the best animation apps for making highly-performing videos. If you want to see a complete list, check out our post at The Complete List of Video Marketing Tools.

So, what do you think about those animation apps?

Did we miss something that should’ve been on the list?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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