5 Must-Watch Animated Lyric Videos (+Tools)

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Animations are versatile. From cartoons to artistic lyric videos, the animation is often involved in catching audiences’ attention and making the video more memorable.

We’ve talked about top animated music videos before. We know that many of the best and most celebrated music videos are animated.

We’ll talk about something similar (kind of) today.

In this post, we’ll see some stunning examples of animated lyric videos and powerful tools that you can utilize to create one.

So, as you might already notice, lyrics are strongly related to the text. And when we talk about the text in the animation industry, it mostly means kinetic typography animation, doesn’t it?

But, today’s animated lyric videos aren’t all about kinetic typography animation. You can also use different styles of animation from cartoon animation to motion graphics.

Without further ado, let’s see the stunning examples below!

Animated Lyric Videos: The Stunning Examples

Animated lyric videos are a little bit different from animated music videos.

Regardless of adding music in the background, animated lyric videos aim to display the lyrics, so you need to add some flash and loops to the texts of the songs — to enhance a plain lyric video.

Why are animated lyric videos important, anyway?

Well, there are times when you are unable to understand the lyrics of a song, and at such times, the animated lyric video makes it easy for your understanding.

Let’s see the examples, shall we?

#1. Katie Perry — Daisies

The video is dreamlike and surreal. It started from a home setting and went to a more abstract one.

Using vivid, otherworldly colors, this animated lyric video shows a faceless female protagonist who’s facing and overcoming obstacles.

With such an uplifting song, the lyric music video is a thoroughly inspiring work of art altogether.

#2. Tones and I — Bad Child

The video started with the nostalgic cartoon animation style we used to watch every Sunday morning on television. The cartoon animation tells the stories conveyed in the lyrics.

Meanwhile, the kinetic typography with various effects, motions, and transitions is also used to show the song’s lyrics.

As you can see, the creators aimed to highlight the typography animation, so they don’t go overboard with the cartoon animation in the background.

#3. Taylor Swift — The Man

The inspiring video (and song) depicts a woman trying to get ahead in a maze-like city full of men drawn in a well-crafted animation.

With big-sized fonts and all capitalized letters, the lyrics appear aggressively and disappear quickly too. The text itself is simply colored, and the font is easy to read.

#4. Avicii — Waiting For Love

This video is a pretty delightful, very emotional lyric video for such an upbeat track. It used a mix of traditional animation techniques and motion design skills.

There’s very little use of colors. And the style of the animation is simply hand-drawn. Meanwhile, the backgrounds are most likely done using motion graphics techniques.

#5. Marshmello, Halsey — Be Kind

With a pinch of psychedelic visuals and a touch of retro vibes, this lyric video generates experiences not easy to forget.

The simple storylines, a hand-drawn animated object as the visuals, and the use of colors can evoke viewers’ emotions and take them into the heart of the song straight away.

Awesome Tools You Can Rely on

From the stunning examples below, you can notice that animated lyric videos have come a long way and evolved in just a couple of years, becoming more than an alternative to the official music videos.

On the other hand, a well-crafted animated lyric video like it mentioned above can help turn an average song into a work of art — but truth be told, they can get quite expensive to produce.

The good news is, now you can still create your own-made animated lyric videos thanks to the internet.

So, if you want to create your own animated lyric video or even a fan-made animated lyric video, there are tons of tools that you can use.

To help you narrow down your options, we the top ones for you. Here you go:

After Effects

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After Effects is one of the best tools for creating these types of videos.

You can utilize this tool to create animated music videos using different styles of animations — from motion graphics to kinetic typography.

The features and interface are all designed for user-friendliness. So, even beginners can use this software and create stunning animated lyric videos without becoming an after effects expert.


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Animaker is a potent tool you should consider using if you want to create a fully animated lyric video hassle-free.

The basic features for animations and an easy-to-navigate interface make this tool popular among beginners.

Animaker allows you even to upload your own custom fonts. You can also get a whopping 40+ transitions effects to choose from!


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Creating animations from scratch is pretty rewarding, but it’s not the only way to get your project finished.

Motionden provides you with ready-to-use templates so you can create a catchy animated lyric video in a matter of minutes.

You can browse their selection of studio-quality templates, change the colors, text, upload your photos, etc. And if you finished with the editing, they’ll generate your video in less than 5 minutes!


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Filmora9 allows you to create animated lyric videos from scratch.

Filmora9 aids in building complex stories with royalty-free video effects and stock media. So, you never lack footage for the background of your lyric videos.

This software also does a great job at keyframing, background noise removal, and still a lot more.

At present, animated lyric videos are rocking the music industry due to their unique benefits.

Thankfully, now you can also create your animated lyric music videos at ease with all the awesome tools out there.

So, what do you think? Have you ever thought about creating an animated lyric video of your favorite song? Or did we miss your favorite music video that should be on the list of the examples above? Let us know in the comment section below!

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