10 Best Animated Short Movies To Watch On YouTube Right Now

As the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube is the home of online videos. You can watch literally any videos on this platform, including cat videos, puppy videos, memes, fail compilations, you name it.

YouTube also offers tons of animated short movies that audiences of all ages can enjoy watching. Whether you’re looking for animated short films that bring on a happy cry or sad cry, anticipated tears, or surprise tears, YouTube has got you covered.

However, with all those enticing movies on the platform, it can be a little bit daunting and confusing where to start. That’s why this post is for.

Below are our top ten favorites of animated short movies we’ve watched on YouTube. So, if you’re an animation junkie or a Pixar lover, you’ll definitely love these short movies.

Don’t worry; we won’t spoil a thing!

Also, since these movies’ duration is less than ten minutes each, you can binge-watch all the movies in no time.

So, get ready for your animated short movies marathon!

#1. A Folded Wish

A Folded Wish is an 8-minute 3D animated short movie produced by Artmoeba production. The movie is pretty much about a pair of twin sisters who fold a thousand origami cranes in the hope of recovering from their fatal disease.

Since this short movie involved some mature themes, it intended for an older youth audience. If you look for a sappy movie for your Saturday night, give this movie a go.

#2. Inner Workings

Inner Workings is a 3D hand-drawn and computer-animated produced by Walt Disney Animations Studio. It brought home an Empire Award for Best Short Film back in 2017. It wasn’t that surprising, though. The message it delivers is so powerful.

This short movie delivers a heartwarming and insightful vision and message on what makes life enjoyable and meaningful. The story is about a human brain that wants to break free from the dull routine at work and have some more fun in life.

#3. Coin Operated

A rough week? Need a little bit of motivation? Try to watch Coin Operated. This movie is about a young boy who is obsessed with a spaceship and has always wanted to get to the moon. This short movie is a brilliant display of a child’s vivid imagination.

It teaches you not to give up despite all the barricades you face in life. The young boy has an undying passion and determination to fulfill his ambition. He stays on his ground and devotes his entire lifetime in pursuing the dream. Did he ever make it to the moon, though? Find out for yourself!

#4. One Small Step

This tear-jerker short movie uses 3D animation combined with 2D anime-style, which makes the animation so unique and mesmerizing. One Small Step is about the relationship of a little girl with his beloved father.

And as the little girl growing up, some things just have to change, and everything won’t be the same. The famous quote, “we’re too busy growing up that we forget that our parents are growing old too,” really applies here.

#5. Hair Love

Hair Love is an Oscar-winning 2D animated short film from Matthew A. Cherry produced by Sony Pictures Animation. It tells the heartfelt story of an African-American father trying to help his daughter comb and styling her hair for the very first time.

“All it takes is a little bit of work, and a whole of love…” this quote from the movie is probably the sentence you need to deal with everyday problems. This movie is more than about hair, though; it’s about a lovely family. It’s so motivating and inspiring with a little surprise at the end!

#6. Purl

Purl is an animated short movie by Pixar Studio. It’s about an earnest ball of yarn, which just got accepted to work in a fast-paced, bro-tastic company. So, how does it manage to keep up with others?

The storyline is quite unique and, of course, entertaining. You could say that the story sets the scene with gender stereotypes in a workplace right away from one perspective.

#7. Model Citizen

Model citizen is a black-and-white dystopian animated short movie directed by David James Armsby. The story tells us a creepy universe where families there are forced to do weird, monotonous daily routines until they are perfect enough to be called the town (Autodale)’s perfect citizens.

If you’re a big dystopia fan, make sure you watch this short movie — might as well its other episodes on the Autodale series.

#8. The Colors Of Evil

This computer-animated fantasy comedy short film is about a goth girl named Vivian trying to get her revenge on her schoolmate Nancy who always torments her daily. Vivian uses her dark arts to summon a demon.

Instead, she got a pink, friendly demon that is definitely too cute to even call it a demon. Can Vivian get her hands on Nancy with that not-too-intimidating demon? If you like dark comedy, this short movie is worth watching.

#9. Pip

Pip is a 3D animated short movie presented by Southeastern Guide Dogs. The story starts with Pip, the dog who’s currently training at Canine University to be a guide dog.

However, the journey isn’t all plain sailing. It’s a heartwarming dog tale for the underdogs out there. Through trials and errors, things get better, slowly but surely. In the end, it’s still not as good as intended. See it and feel it for yourself.

#10. Negative Space

Negative Space is an Oscar-nominated animated short movie that tells the father and son relationship through the art of packing a suitcase. Interesting, isn’t it?

The famous line “look at all the wasted space” at the end of the movie can be interpreted in a lot of different ways — it depends on how you put your mind to it. Besides the unique storyline, you can’t also ignore a wonderful stop motion animation. The level of creativity put in this movie is beyond amazing.

So, there you have it! Those ten animated short movies can make your day better. Get those popcorn popped, put your sweatpants on, and the evening is your oyster!

For more animated YouTube videos, check out our complete list: 60+ Must-Watch Animated YouTube Channels in Every Category.

Did we miss your favorite animated short movies on the list? Let us know in the comment below!




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