Choosing the Right Music: Helpful Free Sites to Perfect Your Explainer Video

Explainer videos have become a reliable tool to advertise companies’ profiles. It has excellent drawings, graphics, story, and characters. An explainer video is typically short where it explains the companies’ profile, service, product, mission, and many more — all components on the video matter.

Therefore, explainer video needs to be short, creative, engaging, and concise in delivering messages.

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Music is one of the essential components in creating an engaging explainer video. You probably have this question in your mind; “Is it crucial to choose the right music on my explainer video?”

The answer is yes because music deals with your audience’s emotions.

The video creativity looks perfect with the right music for your video. In this discussion, we will discuss types of music that suit your explainer video, how to get the right music and the advantages of using a melody for your explainer video.

Without further ado, let’s begin our discussion.

Various Types of Music to Perfect Your Explainer Video

Background music evokes and lifts the audience’s emotions when watching movies or videos.

Imagine you are watching IT Chapter 2 final scene when Pennywise is striking the Losers Club with his fearful look, but the background music is Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” Do you feel nervous and a bit tense? Of course not!

Therefore, it is a crucial matter to engage your audience’s emotions with the right music.

Here are some types of background music that might be helpful for you:


This music matches with gaining victory or getting motivated. Using this music will intensify the emotions you convey through your video.

You can check the example by clicking this video:


It deals with human connection and empathy. It’s the type of melody that can pull at your audience’s heartstrings.

Take a look at this link to know more about acoustic music:


This music is very suitable for a funny and bubbly moment. It brings excitement to the audience’s emotions while watching the video.

You can check the example here

Hip Hop

This music is suitable for a short video for its fast and unique composition. The fast tempo makes the audience want to keep up with the beat.

The example of this music is available in this link:


This music brings up a creative vibe, making it perfect for videos where your target audience has a broader age range. The melody brings a modern touch but can still be tolerable due to its jazz-like beat.

You can check the example of electronic music from this link:

Ways to Get the Right Music for Your Explainer Video

After your video is completed with great graphics, narrator, and storyline, it is time for you to perfect your video with suitable music.

First thing first, find music that matches your video’s storyline and enhance the message delivery. You need to find a piece of music that brings up positive vibes on your audience’s emotions.

If you want to introduce your company to your new audience, you have to create light and welcoming vibes. With this kind of music, your audience will fall for your video the moment they watch it.

Second, it is crucial to choose simple music.

Since your explainer video carries the narrator’s voice who delivers your main message, you have to make sure you’re choosing music that won’t disturb the narrator.

If the music is louder or has a powerful bass effect, it will drown out the narrator’s voice. It will be better if you serve light and simple tune that will not distract your audience’s concentration.

Another factor that you need to pay attention to when choosing a piece of music is the volume. The volume of the music must not exceed the narrator’s voice. Otherwise, your audience will have a hard time concentrating on what the message is.

It’s because the narrator carries your company’s message.

You must prioritize the message of your video.

Free Sites that Might Help you Find the Right Music

1. Audioblocks

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This site primarily provides background music for explainer videos with unlimited free audio for its members.

Aside from background music, they also offer sound effects and loops. You can click play to preview the music before downloading it.

2. Bedtracks

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This site also provides music, sound effects, and a loop like Audioblocks. Bedtracks gives a filter track option that allows you to choose music that matches your preferences like length, genre, tempo, key, and many others.

This site is not entirely free because you need to register and pay to get your desired music.

3. Getty Music

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This site also provides various genres of music. On the left top of their website, it will provide you with different types of music.

When you select a type of genre, the list of music will appear on your screen. To get your desired music, you have to register and pay for the chosen music.

4. Free Music Archive

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From the name itself, the site allows you to search for free and good quality audio. It will enable free users and professionals to get access to their users.

Free music archive is a free site, but special permission is required to edit music.

5. Bensound

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Another useful site to get suitable music is Bensound. It is a free site that provides you with various genres of music.

Their website has different genres displayed where you can easily find the type of melody you need. The interface provides a preview where you can listen to the music before you decide to download it.

This site provides you with free and licensed music. Of course, licensed music needs payment before you can download it.

6. Netlabels

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Netlabels, a free access music that provides you with both downloadable and streamable video content, is suitable for users who want to use different types of music.

“Netlabels” is available on the internet archive. The website will show you various and downloadable collections of music from multiple creators. Most of the music files are available to download with numerous links like “torrent,” VBR M3U, and others, so be careful when clicking the download button.

Does Your Explainer Music Sound Good Enough?

You have the right tune and an excellent beat, but is it good enough? You may have encountered thinking twice on a piece of music, self doubted yourself on a genre and even thought of mashing two types of music together.

Our advice? Always discuss the music with your client. It saves you time from working on a video only to realize your client hates the music. Everyone has their preference of music that they like; therefore cross-checking step is necessary.

Your music preference can be different from your client’s choice; therefore, choosing the right music is crucial in making an explainer video. This will also help you eliminate the tedious task of browsing thousands of music.

What do you think about discussing music preference for your client’s explainer video?

Do you agree with the cross-checking step? Or do you have a better process?

Please tell us your opinion below!

We also wrote an article about the importance of sound effects in video production. Make sure you check it out at Why You Should Never Ever Overlook the Importance of Sound Effects in Your Video?

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