Digitalks #01. All the Basics of Content Writing

Digitalks is a virtual brown bag lunch meeting by Breadnbeyond’s Digital Marketing team where all valuable information, feedback, ideas, seminars, and training sessions are shared.

Writing for digital marketing purposes is totally different from writing a journal or diary.

It will require the right blend of approaches.

Too promotional, you’ll scare the audience away. Too many stories, you’ll dilute the core message. Too formal, you’ll be seen as a straitlaced and dauntingly “professional”. Too informal, you’ll appear to be so unprofessional.

As a writer at Milkwhale, Diana R. shared her insights on writing for marketing purposes, challenges, expectations, realities, and what works for her to write appealing and effective copies.

Diana thought that…

  • Content writing is going to be such an easy peasy job because she loves to write.
  • Writing whatever she felt and wanted — audiences will love it.
  • All the writings she wrote will encourage audiences to buy a product or service.

Until realities finally hit

  • Write a variety of topics (even when you don’t familiar with them)
  • Rejections and revisions are all in a day’s work
  • Highly requires critical thinking because readers are smart and picky

The elephant in the room

  • Writer’s block
  • Write about the same topic multiple times (sometimes just too many times) over

“So, how do you overcome with the harsh reality of content writing?”

Here are Diana’s go-to tips when it comes to writing content for digital marketing campaigns. We’ll keep it brief for all skimmers out there.

Curb your ego

Write for your readers

Keep it simple

Use simple English

Don’t forget about SEO

To maximize the exposure, make sure what you write is on-demand

Headings and formatting do matter

No one wants to read blocks of text

Have a backup plan

When the writer’s block hit, use the go-to template or go back to basic with simple prompts

Practice proofreading

Think of the person who will be reading the content. What would they think of this?

Read often

Reading can improve your grammar and writing structure skills.

Find what you like in the process

Try to find something you enjoy in the whole writing process.

Rejection is part of growth

Criticism helps you remember and learn better about what often works and what doesn’t.

When we talk about a good content writing

Here are some inspiring examples:




“Why? What do they have in common?”

  • Consistency in upgrading their content
  • Easy-on-eyes formats and catchy featured images
  • Education and promotion are well-balanced. They subtly explain how their products or service can provide a solution
  • Provide valuable, easy-to-digest information

So… what is content writing to you?

Breadnbeyond has useful resources that can help you hone your content writing skills. You can subscribe here to get free e-books!



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