How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service With Videos

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In today’s digital world, videos are one of the most effective ways to ramp up your company’s customer service efforts.

You can no longer rely on email or phone calls to serve a better experience for your customers because those methods often create misleading information for customers.

People can only retain 10% of the information when it is done in the form of text.

Thus, people frequently complain that companies fail to address their issues promptly with helpful answers.

Consequently, they need to contact the supporting team repeatedly because the case cannot be resolved in a single session.

A customer service video can be a great solution because 68% of people would rather watch a video that extensively describes how to fix the problem than contact a support team member.

The self-service experience will satisfy your consumers as well as save your time and resources.

So, with all that said, here are four handy ways to use video in customer support.

#1. Frequently Asked Questions Video

No matter how hard you try to provide a comprehensive manual book to demonstrate every feature of your product, your customers will always have questions.

A FAQ video can also effectively answer all the redundant questions. It ensures that customers get a quick answer to their question without having to search through chunks of text or wait on hold.

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You can ask your customer service team questions that most customers asked. Thus, you can answer them through a video that you can post on your FAQ page.

Whenever you get asked the same question, just send the link to the video. It will be much more convenient and time-saving for both customers and your customer service team.

Here’s an example of a video that would make a high-performing addition to your FAQ page.

It’s effective for showing your potential customers what your brand is all about, how it works, and how can your customers use it, and how it will benefit them in some way.

This way, you can boost your customer service team productivity as they no longer have to answer the same questions over and over again.

For the customers themselves, they can learn the information at their own pace. They can simply repeat the video if they miss any information.

#2. How-To Videos

It’s become habitual to type “how-to” into Google or YouTube anytime we want to learn something or fix anything.

It’s no surprise that 30% of YouTube users look for how-to videos because we tend to understand the information easily through the tutorial videos.

Illustration from freepik

In the case of customer service, let’s take a real story to prove that how-to video is effective in delivering messages.

More than 67% of internet users are better at accomplishing a job when the material is presented in video format.

It means that providing your customers with how-to videos can give them the best customer experience possible.

After all, how-to video is a more digestible and engaging form of communication if we compare them to plain text.

Your consumers can conveniently watch a self-service video on your website or your YouTube channel whenever they need it without calling your customer service.

#3. Video Tickets

For many businesses, explaining some technical things through a call or email is challenging.

Though you have tried to articulate the right words, sometimes, people can not get your point accordingly. So do your customers.

In many cases, your customer service team is struggling to give a quick solution because customers themselves have a hard time describing their problem clearly through live phone calls or text-based emails.

A basic how-to video might not be enough to address the problem.

It’s time for video tickets.

Your customer may submit a help ticket with a video or screen recording (if you’re a SaaS company) attached to it.

This helps your customer service team understand the issues better.

#4. Live Video Support

A live video call is another sort of customer service that is highly recommended.

When a company offers a video call for customer care, the customer drop-off rate can be reduced by 70%.

People are happy with live video support for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost, customers can read the body language and hear a person’s voice in delivering the information. It can reduce the risk of negative interpretation.

Illustration from freepik

Second, connecting directly with your customer service team humanizes the representative in customers’ eyes and allows them to know that you provide quick, instant support.

In addition, the interactive and personalized experience will make customers feel important and valued.

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Helping startups and business grow faster with explainer videos at

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