Explainer Videos for Cybersecurity Services

Explain to your audience about cybersecurity services in a simple, quick, and understandable way with animated explainer videos

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The development of technology tools like mobile phones has allowed more people to access the internet easily anytime, anywhere. The more people who access the internet, the more data that goes into it.

Unfortunately, with the endless data that goes on the internet, some irresponsible people steal those data and use them for the crime. This thing is commonly known as cybercrime.

If this cybercrime keeps happening, then there will be more internet users who are harmed. To prevent that, cybersecurity is created as a solution for internet users to protect their data.

By applying cybersecurity, users can use the internet freely without having to worry about their data security.

Seeing this promising opportunity, many people start to incorporate cybersecurity as their new business field.

That makes the cybersecurity industry become a highly competitive industry that requires some innovative strategies to survive.

If you are also facing this issue, applying innovative marketing strategies is essential and that’s where explainer video can help you.

Why You Should Create Explainer Videos For Your Cybersecurity Services?

Explainer videos are a popular type of video marketing that even makes 47% among other content that is created by companies.

They believe explainer videos are effective tools to get the benefits they need to bring their companies forward.

This fact shouldn’t make you not hesitant anymore to apply the same strategy.

If you’re still hesitant, here are the top three benefits you will get by making explainer videos for your cybersecurity company.

#1. Simplify Complex Ideas

You may realize that not many people are familiar with some technology terms like cybersecurity.

Even though cybersecurity services can help them to protect their data, many of them are still hesitant to use it.

This thing can be understood considering that technical terms are not that easy to understand in a short time.

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However, if you want to promote your cybersecurity services, you need to find a way that is helpful for your customers to understand them.

Explainer videos are the right solution for that issue.

This type of video marketing can help you to transform complicated ideas into simple explanations.

By simple explanation, you can help your customer to get all information about your services and spark their interest to do purchases.

These purchases will affect the increase in your brand awareness and sales soon.

Not only that but also explainer videos can be your way to gain more customers and build engagement with them.

This engagement is also helpful to make your customers stick to doing purchases on your company for a longer time.

#2. Easy to Create and Highly Shareable

It’s no longer a secret among companies that explainer video is highly shareable.

That means the video can be easily shared to many digital platforms that are also very helpful to get as much exposure as possible.

If you want to accomplish the same goal, explainer videos are the right tool for that.

However, you need to make sure that you already make the best quality videos that people love.

The more people love your video, the more chances for the video to be shared with others.

More than 92% of users watching video on mobile will share it with others. So, give your best effort to your video-making process.

If you are still confused about how to make the best videos, there are some ways, even affordable ones, that you can try according to the budget you have.

If you have an extra budget, you can use the best tool for your videos like cameras, lighting, and others. You can also hire a professional animated explainer video company to help you make your video even more professional-looking.

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But, if you only have a limited budget, you can still make the video in some affordable ways.

For example, if your video tools are not sufficient, you can still record it with your phone and then edit it with some free apps that are available on the internet.

You can even make the video with less budget by using free templates from the internet.

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After finishing the video-making process, you can share them on some digital channels like on your website, social media, and others.

Remember to research to find the right channel. That way will help your video get the attention it needs.

#3. Stand Out Among the Crowd

One of the most effective ways to tackle this competition is by becoming more “visible” among competitors.

That means the brands, products, or services of your company should be more easily recognized by your customers than other companies.

However, getting recognized by them is no small feat.

A special strategy is needed to accomplish this goal and that’s where explainer videos can help.

People love visual content and that is what you should do on your explainer videos. Transform your ideas, thoughts, or concepts into life visually.

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You can transform it into a certain animation style and make it more catchy with some attractive elements like funny intros, stunning backgrounds, and others.

That way is so effective to create a fun experience for your customers by watching videos yet they are still getting its messages.

This is also a very effective way to get more awareness that will raise your business’s reputation in the future and be more “visible” among competitors.

The cybersecurity industry is a highly competitive industry that requires some innovative strategy to tackle this competition.

By utilizing explainer videos, you can promote your cybersecurity services to customers in a fun, enjoyable, and easy to understand way.

That way slowly will help you get the benefits your company needs.

Hopefully, this article can spark your motivation and courage to start making explainer videos. Make sure you put your best effort into the video-making process.

Be attentive to details so you’re not miss anything on the video and be able to create the best ones.

Here’s an example of a cybersecurity explainer video we crafted for Trustifi:

If you ever need a helping hand producing your cybersecurity animated explainer video, we’ve got your back! Get a quote here.

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