Do You Use Explainer Videos on These Website Pages?

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Explainer videos are becoming an essential element for marketing your brand online.

Video is very engaging and can sell the benefits of your business’ services and products a lot better than text alone.

While many businesses are now realizing the advantages of video and starting to create videos for their websites, most are sticking to one or two.
While this is a step in the right direction, you could have significantly better results from multiple explainer videos, each one for a different page.

The advantages of a video marketing strategy and using multiple explainer videos are:

  1. They give visitors to your site more choice in how they learn about your brand.

So what pages do you need to create content for?

Here are our suggestions and what explainer videos could go onto the top 5 pages.

1. Home Page

The home page for online real estate is often forgotten. Yet it can be the perfect place to locate a small explainer video about your brand and what it stands for. A video placed towards the top of the page is the perfect way to engage your audience and tell them a little about yourself.

The video doesn’t need to be long. It should be brief, concise and enticing to your audience so they will want to know more about your services.

2. About Page

The about page for your brand is another key area of your website that is often left out when brands are placing explainer videos. This is the ideal location. Most website visitors skim the text on about pages because they are often long blocks of text.

By condensing the information into a short explainer video you will have a page that is more effective at engaging your customers. This is really important at the moment because customers will often not buy into products but rather the brand itself.

3. Service and Product Pages

It is fairly common for brands to place explainer videos on product and service pages. The page is an ideal location for an explainer video. A static image or picture doesn’t always show potential customers how the product can be beneficial to them, yet this is essential as customers buy benefits not features.

These explainer videos should be longer than the one on your home page and should be solely focused on the benefits that your products and services can provide the customer. If you can, include a testimonial from another customer as this adds social proof to the claims you make about what you offer.

4. Landing Pages

Adding contacts to your mailing list should be the second most important activity of your website (after selling). Using a landing page to offer something of value (i.e. a free ebook) in exchange for an email address is a highly effective means of adding contacts to your mailing list. To improve the results from your landing pages add an explainer video of how the offer will benefit the visitor.

5. Blog Posts

While not every blog needs an explainer video, having some high profile and important articles accompanied by explainer videos can boost their effectiveness. This can be a rather time consuming option for your business, but at the same time can yield higher results and look more attractive to your audience.

For this strategy to work, however, you must be prepared. Decide when you are posting the article and the topic to ensure everything is ready in advance.

Take Action

Having read this article, now you’re ready to take action to get you a better converting website:

- Look at your site and consider where you could place an explainer video.

- Create explainer videos for these pages complete with attention-grabbing openings.

- Track the number of views of each page and track conversions, then make adjustments as needed.


Explainer videos are highly effective means of boosting the engagement rates of your website.

The more videos you have on your site the more effective they will be at selling to your target audience and generating leads.

Take a look at your website and consider where an explainer video can improve your conversion rate. We’ll continue discussing explainer videos and the power of online video in future posts.

Where do you place explainer videos? How has it improved interactions on your site?

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