Easy Ways to Handle Spam Comments on YouTube

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Have you ever heard a famous Youtuber complaining about receiving many spams on their comment page?

Spam contains issues without relevant content. It can be about porn, sponsors, scam, invitations, and many more.

Systems send spams to the unprotected and standard account of related social media.

Spams are unwanted emails because they get into the email randomly. Further, it also consumes spaces on users’ accounts.

Spam comments are unimportant messages in the comment page that appear repeatedly.

The spam comment can contain inappropriate messages.

In today’s discussion, we will talk about spams and ways to prevent spams from appearing on the user’s page, especially the Youtube page.

What Is Considered as Spam Comments on YouTube?

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YouTube has always been focusing on its convenient service to get users the best viewing experience.

Therefore, this world’s second-largest search engine strictly prohibits any actions that can disturb the user experience.

YouTube doesn’t allow content where the primary purpose is to trick people into leaving the platform for another site or to boost your engagement metrics.

One of those contents is spam comments.

Look at the video below to understand a bit more about YouTube content policy:

If you leave comments that contribute nothing to the conversation regarding a video numerous times, YouTube might consider those comments as spam.

Simply put, repeatedly posting the same comments on a video can be detected as spam. And you better not even bother to try it because your comments are most likely getting reported and being taken down.

Spam comments often include unrelatable, misleading links to get people to click links to malicious websites.

Moreover, here are some types of comments that might be considered spam, according to YouTube. Remember it isn’t a complete list yet:

  • Comments that include Pay Per Click (PPC) referral links.
  • Comments about surveys or giveaways that promote pyramid schemes.
  • Promoting your channel by posting a comment to encourage others to check out your channel/video here.
  • Mislead comments with links to offer a full version of video content (including movies, TV shows, or concerts)
  • Posting links to malware and tempt others to click on links by giving a false claim. For example, I just earned a thousand bucks from this site (link).
  • Comments with links to counterfeit stores.

Manage Spam in Comment on YouTube

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Let me ask you this: if there’s a user that commented on your videos about unrelatable things or just blatantly want to promote their channel, would it bother you?

I bet it would.

Thankfully, you can remove those spam comments so you can provide interactive and personal comment sections.

How do you check it out, though? Below, we’ve gathered one of the best, handiest ways to get rid of the spam comments:

Find the Spam Comments

The first thing you can do is by looking for those such comments on your comment sections.

While looking for them manually can be really painful, you can use the YouTube Creator Studio feature.

What makes YouTube more interesting is that YouTubers can now automatically block spam comments that include any type of link. It’ll get sent to the user’s Comment tab on the Creator Studio feature.

  • So, you click on your profile picture and go to YouTube Creator Studio.
  • Next, click on community, go ahead to the “Comments” tab in the side Navbar.
  • There are three types of comments you’d see: “Published comments,” “Held for review,” and “Likely spam.”
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  • From here, you can either approve the comment, report it as spam, or just simply hide it.
  • There you go. Those comments on the “Likely spam” tab are indicated as spams.

Report or Delete Comment as Spam

Now that you already have a list of spam comments, you can report it by doing these following below:

  • Go to the spam comment you want to delete or report.
  • After you make sure that the comments you want to get rid of are exactly spams, click on the “bin” icon to delete it.
  • Or you can click on the “flag” icon to report it. For this option, you can either select to “report and abuse” or “hide this user’s comment on this channel.”
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Review Comments Held as Spam

After you report a spam comment, the comment will get sent into a form of a queue to be reviewed.

YouTube will check whether the comment is violating the community guidelines or not.

If it is, then the comment will be removed forever. It’ll take at least 24 hours for YouTube staff to process your report.

How to Prevent YouTube Spam Comments?

Spams have been an annoying thing for YouTube users. Since spams are troublesome problems, luckily, there are some ways to control spam comments.

Take a look at these tips, these might help you control spam.

#1. Set the Default for Moderation Options

YouTube makes it easier for you to filter comments on your channel by giving you access to moderate comments.

All you need to do is going to Settings > Community > Defaults. Then, YouTube gives you four options:

  1. Allow All Comments.
  2. Hold potentially inappropriate or unrelatable comments (mostly comments with links) for your review
  3. Hold all type of comments for review
  4. Disable or hide comments
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If you want to prevent spam, option number two might be the best.

#2. Add Comment Moderators

YouTube also has a handy feature that allows you to moderate the comments by allowing other users to browse through your comment and give them the right to report any inappropriate ones.

Here’s how to do it:

  • You can hover and click on the trusted users, and click on the three-dot menu.
  • Select the option to “Add this user as a comment moderator.”

Another way, you can also go to the Settings on your YouTube Studio > Settings> Community > Automatic Filters > Moderators.

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#3. Set the Rules

There’s one more option to prevent any spam in your comment section. You can set the moderation rule to decide which comments are allowed on your channel.

Just simply go to your YouTube Creator Studio Settings > Community > Automatic Filters.

There, you can choose whether to:

  • Approve Users — The trusted users that can post any comments on your channel
  • Hidden Users — The users that can’t post comments on your channel.
  • Blocked Words — Comments containing blocked words will be hidden automatically. You can find it on the “Held for review” tab.
  • Block Links — Any type of link that is included in the comment will be blocked except for you (the owners), approved users, and moderators.
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Do you have any other tips or tools that can help your other fellows getting rid of spam comments on YouTube? Comment on the link below!

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