Explainer Video Software for Every Budget and Skill Level

Scriptwriting Tools

Now, we’re about to jump into some essential software you need to create a high-converting explainer video, from scriptwriting to editing process.


Storyboarding Tool

After you get your script, the next thing is storyboarding. This is where you need a tool to help you visualize your text, shot by shot before making a shot list. And StoryBoarder can help you with that.


2D Animation Maker

2D animation is widely popular mainly for allowing to create characters, FX, and backgrounds. With its popularity, a lot of software is now at your fingertips reach. Here’s our top pick software for 2D animation.

1) PowToon

2) Wideo

3) Vyond

Whiteboard Animation Maker

This type of animation process is well known for portraying an illustrated story on a white-board like surface aided by a script or narration. If 2D animation doesn’t work for you, you can always go for a whiteboard animation.

1) RawShorts

2) VideoScribe

3D Animation Maker

If you prefer animation that is done in a three-dimensional method, then 3D animation is for you.

1) Mixamo

2) Cinema 4D

Music and Sound Effect

Of course, your explainer video wouldn’t be complete without its music and sound effect. How else can you stir emotions out of your viewers?


Software Roundup

So, what do you think about those tools above? Have you tried any of them for your DIY explainer video?



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