Explainer Video: The Perfect Content for Startups

A bump in the conversion rate graph is what every business craves. There are thousands of tools that aim to aid businesses in achieving that goal.

But they are tools. They need to be used properly before they can be useful. Explainer videos, on the other hand, are a type of content that works as a tool: They don’t have to be “used” in a certain way.

Once an explainer video is made, all that’s needed is a proper (and a bit long) promotion process.

Many companies use long-winded articles to promote their products. Others think outside the box and use videos for product promotion.

This type of video is known as an explainer video.

An explainer video is a short video (usually animated) that explains what your business does, offers, or produces.

The main purpose of an explainer video is to make people clearly understand what you do, thus helping them make better decisions about hiring your services or buying your product.

The use of explainer videos have risen progressively as startups pop everywhere around the world. Most startups use explainers on their landing pages where first-time visitors usually arrive.

The majority of explainer video users are startups, but that doesn’t mean large companies ignore their potential.

Here is how Google used an explainer video to explain their new Chrome OS:


Why Explainer Videos?

Visual cues and audios are much more powerful than text, and video combines them.

Almost every aspect of the world is shifting into the digital universe, which is why having a video is certainly a safe investment for business.

Unlike physical promotion media (pamphlets, brochures, billboards, newspaper ads, etc.), digital content is much more cost-efficient and trackable.

You’ll be able to monitor how your video performs, who watches it, when and where your viewers are from, and many other data points that will be useful when formulating your next strategic step.

Even with free video hosting platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, you’ll get more features than you could possibly need as a startup.

Explainer videos also have the potential to reach wider audience and generate more leads through the many online platforms available right now.

In other words, explainer videos are more shareable throughout the Internet.

You can share an explainer video on most social media platforms because it’s light in file size (even with full-HD quality). You can use it on your website’s landing page, attach it to an email, and ultimately help your visibility to search engines.

Not to mention that you help the environment by not wasting paper for pamphlets.

Explainer Videos Ease the Conversion Process

According to Insivia’s round-up, 90% of consumers think that watching a product video helps their decision-making process. It works that way because they know more about what they’ll get in exchange for their money.

That means that you can use explainer videos anywhere — on your website or playing on your storefront — as long as they can reach your target consumers.

An explainer video isn’t a sales generator: That’s what your sales reps should be good at.

Instead, an explainer video is gateway content that draws your audience into curiosity about your company and the desire to find out more. That’s why every great explainer video (like the ones on this ultimate list) has call to action.

The call to action varies from one video to another depending on what the companies are after. The call to action could be an invitation to visit a certain website or call a specific phone number.

That way, viewers are aware of what the next action should be, regardless of whether they want to take it or not.

Explainer Videos Help Search Engine Optimization

Google is still evolving and updating its algorithm, which affects the difficulty of achieving a higher SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position).

A website with video on the landing page is more likely to appear on the first page of SERP.

Google is more likely to place a website with videos in higher rank position. Google includes YouTube and Vimeo snippets in their search results.

Now, which one would you rather click on? A video thumbnail or a plain link to a website?


An explainer video is a powerful piece of marketing content that can fit well in different places on the Internet.

It has become a trend in the online marketing world and a go-to weapon for startups to kick-start their business.

Moreover, explainer videos can help companies draw more attention and thus generate more leads. In terms of technical considerations, having a video on your website is always good for giving your search engine page ranking (SERP) a little boost.

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