Explainer Videos for Insurance Agencies

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The insurance market is highly competitive that keeps agents constantly on their toes, creating advanced strategies to survive.

Many insurance agencies have searched and tried some strategies to make sure that the business is recognized by broader clients. Some are successful, but unfortunately, many are not.

If that’s the case, obviously they can’t use old strategies anymore.

If you run a business in the same field and are facing the same problem, that fact is undeniable. It can be frustrating. And it’s a sign that you need to require a highly engaging marketing strategy.

That’s where explainer videos can help.

Explainer videos are the most common types of video marketing made by companies.

Biteable found that explainer videos are making 47% among other content. It means that explainer videos have been considered as one of the effective strategies when it comes to standing out among the crowd.

Here are some reasons why you should make explainer videos and how they can promote your insurance business effectively:

Help Clients Understand Your Insurance Agency Better

When customers hear not-so-common “terms” like insurance, most of them tend to get confused and avoid talking about it at all costs.

If you run an insurance agency, you may already be aware of this thing.

This can be quite challenging if you want to deliver those complex information about the insurance agency without overwhelming the audience.

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More than 61% of companies consider explainer videos as an important part of their video marketing strategy.

It is because this strategy is very helpful for them to attract new potential clients, raise awareness, and engage with existing clients.

Besides, explainer videos are very helpful for clients too.

By watching your videos, they can get all the information about your insurance agency in an effective and understandable way.

By understanding your insurance perks and policies, they boost their interest in your agency and make them decide to invest in it.

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Advertise Your Service With Flexible Budget

One of the advantages of utilizing explainer videos is you can adjust it to the budget you have.

For example, if you have enough budget, you can maximize the video’s quality by using the best tools like a camera, sound recording, lighting, and others.

You can also hire a professional explainer video company to make sure that you create a professional-looking and high-converting explainer video.

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If you only have a limited budget, you can still have a chance to make stunning explainer videos.

Use some free apps available on the internet. Adapt some videos or story-telling styles that are quick, easy, and simple to apply.

For example, you can adapt a live-action style where you involve your team as part of the videos. It is helpful to greet customers and build interaction with them.

Besides, adopting this style can also ensure that you still can make stunning videos with the best quality.

Highly Shareable

The reason companies utilize explainer videos is because the videos are highly shareable.

It can easily be shared to many digital channels to get maximum results. If you utilize explainer video as your strategy, it can be your precious opportunity to get more attention.

When clients like a video, they tend to share it with others. Especially with the rising popularity of mobile phones, sharing content is much easier to do.

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It should come as no surprise that 92% of users watching video on mobile will share it with others.

To make sure that your videos are shareable, you need to put more effort into the video-making process.

Apply some creative ideas to the videos like adding eye-catching background, engaging storytelling, or others.

After producing videos, you can distribute them to some digital channels. There are some ways to share it like feature the videos on your website, share them on social media, put them on your FAQ, and others.

Make sure you already research to find the right channel to get maximum results.

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Help Your Agency Stand Out

An insurance agency can be considered the best agency if it can prove its ability to survive amid challenging competition.

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In other words, it’s crucial to make your agency stand out among your competitors in the competitive market. And explainer videos might be the best solution.

By utilizing explainer videos, you can transform the complex ideas, concepts, or thoughts of the insurance industry into snackable chunks. You can even transform it into an animation style to explain your insurance agency.

Not to mention that you can also add some attractive elements like memorable intros, stunning backgrounds, or uplifting music while producing insurance explainer videos.

Not only does it make your potential clients understand your message better, but it also helps you to create a positive impression on them. And it will influence your insurance agency's reputation in the future.

There are some reasons you should utilize explainer videos for your insurance products. We hope after reading this article you’ll get some insight and inspiration to start making it.

Here’s an insurance explainer video we made for Astra Life:

To see more insurance explainer videos and get more insights into insurance explainer videos, you can check out the page Insurance Explainer Videos: Why Do You Need It?



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