Utilizing Explainer Videos in Your Online Learning Course

Bring a new experience for learners by making fun, enjoyable, but still educative courses using explainer videos

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In this digital era, technology plays a big role in our daily lives. Its existence makes it easier to do many things, including learning.

Looking back, if we want to learn something, we did that by reading books, journals, articles, and even enrolling in courses that usually take a lot of money and time.

But now, with single technology tools like mobile phones, we can learn everything anytime, anywhere at a cheaper cost (even free!).

The rise of the internet also motivates education startups or companies to start creating online learning.

Coursera, Future Learn, and Skillshare are the best examples of this case. Through their online courses, they give people access to learn various subjects at affordable prices.

After the purchase, they can learn the subject anytime, anywhere. With the ease of access and cheap prices, it’s no wonder these online courses are so popular.

Not only that, but many education startups or companies also start to make educational content and share them on some channels like YouTube.

There is a lot of educational content that has been shared but videos are mostly people watch.

According to Hubspot, 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day.

There are many types of videos uploaded every day but explainer videos are the most popular video type that most companies use.

If you have an online course business, explainer videos may be the go-to content that benefits you and your learners.

Here are three benefits you will get through explainer videos.

#1. Simplify the Explanation of Difficult Subject

Sometimes, learners feel struggling to learn some subjects like math and science.

By using explainer videos, you can simplify the explanation of those subjects in an effective, communicative, and easy to understand way.

Apparently, it looks easy but simplifying the explanation sometimes can be difficult.

If you are facing that problem, watch TED-Ed videos as references. In their videos, they use eye-catching animation or design with simple language to explain the subject.

Besides, most of their videos also have a short duration.

By applying this way, they can keep learners entertained by watching videos but still get the knowledge they need.

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You can also use the same method for your videos. But, make sure to make it different with this reference so new learners can recognize your online learning easily.

If you manage to do this, you can attract learners to keep learning with your online learning and build engagement with them.

This method also can grab the attention of new learners that is helpful for increasing your brand awareness.

#2. Build Fun, Enjoyable, and Educative Environment

Sometimes, learning can be a boring activity especially if they learn using the same way every day.

Explainer videos allow you to create a fun, more enjoyable, and educational environment for them

By adapting some animation styles like whiteboard animation, stop motion, and others, you can create a new experience for the learners.

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This method is also helpful to catch their emotions, relax them, but still be able to make them focus while learning the subject.

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By the fun experiences they get, the learners will be interested to learn other subjects that are available on your online learning.

If this continues, your online learning’s popularity will increase, which is helpful for bringing your business forward.

#3. Save Cost and Time

One of the advantages of using explainer videos is you can adjust it with the budget you have.

It means even though you have a limited budget, you can make explainer videos and still get the benefits after sharing them.

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There are many ways to make explainer videos at a low cost. For example, you can apply animation videos using free animation apps like Powtoon.

Another example, you can make it like a presentation style with free templates available on the internet.

This method takes a really cheap cost because you can make videos in a short time without using equipment like a camera, lighting, and etc.

Explainer videos are so helpful for the learners. Since they have access to it, learners are free to learn anytime, anywhere in their own way.

People tend to avoid learning some subjects, especially the difficult ones. By incorporating explainer videos for your online learning, you can create a new experience that motivates people to start learning.

Explainer videos are an effective tool to simplify the explanation of difficult subjects in a fun, enjoyable, but still easy to understand way.

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