How Do Explainer Videos Improve Your Sales Strategy?

A 60-second video can help you deliver your messages better

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Nowadays, many marketers are struggling to find the right strategies for selling their products.

Even though there are plenty of options for marketing strategy, only a few of them will match your business’ goals, preferences, and budgets — which then can be helpful for your companies to get more profit on sales.

Not only that but also helpful for making companies stay on track with the competition.

One of the innovative strategies you can try is video marketing.

This strategy is nothing new, even very famous among companies. Around 60% of companies use video for their marketing strategy today.

Perhaps, by seeing this strategy’s popularity, you think that you need to compete with others in applying this strategy.

Well, your thoughts aren’t completely wrong.

For this case, the key is being creative. That means you need to make sure that your videos are more “visible” so that your customers can recognize your products quickly.

Luckily, video marketing has so many types that you can use as a creative way to increase your sales.

One of the video types you can try is explainer videos.

Explainer videos are the most common type that makes up 47% more than other content.

The reason why this type of marketing video is so popular is that it can help marketers get their message across seamlessly.

Not only that but also explainer videos offer other benefits that are very helpful to move their companies forward.

#1. Simplify the Complicated Information About Your Products

Sometimes, many companies still struggle to find an effective way to explain their products to their customers.

Even more, if they run business fields like technology, finance, or other fields that most people tend to stay away from or find hard to understand.

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If you have the same case as others, then explainer videos are the best solution.

With explainer videos, explaining the difficult terms to customers isn’t a big deal anymore.

It is because explainer videos can help you to simplify all the complicated information about your products in an understandable way for your customers.

If they understand your explanation, their interest in your products will increase and soon attract them to make purchases.

Learn how to tell brand stories with explainer videos

#2. Save Your Money and Time

Around 66% of companies still think that video marketing is too time-consuming. They also think that video marketing takes a lot of money to make it.

Otherwise, video marketing including explainer videos is the best tool because it is simple, quick, and easy to make.

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Not only that but also this strategy allows companies, especially small businesses to get more profit without having to spend a lot of budget on the video-making process.

If you also struggle with your budget, you can still have a chance to make outstanding explainer videos.

There are many affordable ways you can apply. If you don’t have any adequate equipment for making videos you can use free animation apps like Animaker, KeyShot, and others.

#3. Explainer Videos Are Easily Shareable

One of the advantages of utilizing explainer videos for your sales strategy is that it is easy to share.

That means, after you finish making videos, you can easily share them on many social media platforms and other digital channels.

On social media, video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.

The more you share it, the more people will see it. So, explainer videos are a very effective tool to grab attention.

When your customers like your videos, they tend to share them with others. This thing can help get more customers.

That said, you need to be creative in the video-making process to make a shareable video.

Make your video more appealing by adding some attractive elements like beautiful animations or backgrounds, relatable stories, and others.

You also need to make sure that your videos can be seen easily. You can put your videos on websites, on your FAQs, on social media, and others.

Find out the best placement for explainer videos

Being creative is the key to making outstanding explainer videos. Make sure you put your best effort into the video-making process. Remember to be attentive to details so you’re not missing anything that can ruin your effort.

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Here’s an example of an explainer video we created for HealMate:

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