5 Excellent Facebook Ads Examples and How You Can Copy Them

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As a marketer, you can leverage tons of marketing features on Facebook to grow your business and take your marketing game to the next level seamlessly.

One of the best Facebook marketing features many marketers use Facebook Ads.

We’ll learn more about why you should use Facebook Ads and take a look at a few excellent examples.

Of course, we also have some best practices for you to create engaging and high-performing Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads: Why Should Your Business Care?

Aside from your email marketing campaign, a splashy web design, robust SEO strategies, and flawless content marketing, Facebook Ads are important for your business.

But why is that?

The most obvious reason is that Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. With more than 2.8 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook offers marketers a massive opportunity to boost their exposure and expand their reach.

Meanwhile, Facebook Ads is a popular marketing ‘tool’ many marketers invest in. It comes with a variety of advertising formats.

Thus, the Facebook Ads Manager will help you choose an ad format based on your business’ marketing main objectives.

Whether you want to boost your online presence, generate more leads, or increase conversions.

One main reason why Facebook Ads are worth investing in is their targeting features. Facebook allows you to target audiences based on location, demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Therefore, you can target the right people at the right time in the right place. This way, you can make your marketing much more effective.

5 Examples of Excellent Facebook Ads to Steal From

There are tons of Facebook Ads out there. And we’ve picked five from brands that we think nailed their Facebook Ads campaign.

So, get ready to learn and take some notes from these excellent examples below:

#1. Slack

This Slack’s famous Facebook Ads has an abstract, playful image combined with a literal copy.

Not only will it capture the attention of users faster, but it also helps them to remember the ads — creating top-of-mind awareness.

This is what you called creative tension between art and copy.

When you choose to use playful images, you need to balance them out with a straightforward copy.

#2. Quip

This Facebook Ad from Quip shows you how to spark users’ curiosity using provocative language and some edgy connotations.

Many businesses are still tentative about using such sarcasm in their marketing communications, but Quip just nailed their target persona.

They also keep the visual minimalist since they aim to highlight their copy and catch users’ attention in no time with it.

#3. Cub

Facebook Ads aren’t all about promoting your brand and encouraging users to purchase your product. You can basically promote anything on the platform, including events.

Cub used Facebook Ads to promote their events, so it gets maximum exposure.

They invite users to celebrate their 50th birthday, showing that they care about their audiences and offer a meaningful way to build a solid connection with them.

#4. Waterwell Winery

Waterwell Winery promotes its special offers for users using a Facebook ad. ‘No one should celebrate their birthday alone’ is effective to evoke users’ emotions.

They simplify the copy by only including some of the crucial details and getting super-focused on one specific action they want a prospect to take.

The obvious call to action at the end helps users to learn more about the offer seamlessly.

#5. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is well-known for its witty advertising, which looks to make fun of its competitors in a smooth, subtle way.

After they nailed their explainer video campaign, they also leverage Facebook Ads to acquire new customers.

Here, Dollar Shave Club compares its product with its competitors in the most straightforward way.

They also provide a preview of the goods so that the users know what to expect from their products.

How to Create High-Performing Facebook Ads

After you see those great examples above, you now have some inspiration and a solid understanding of how to make your Facebook Ads better.

And just to make sure that you’re all equipped before spending any bucks on Facebook Ads, here are some best practices that might be worth noting.

Keep it Short and Lead with Value

No one wants to read an ad with clunky text.

Remember, they are only 0.1 seconds away from scrolling through their feed, ignoring your ad.

So, you need to catch their attention by using creative copywriting (take a stab at humor will help too) and highlight your value so that users can have a reason why they need your product or service.

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Use Facebook Targeting

We’ve talked about this briefly earlier. You can use Facebook targeting features to make sure that your ads are seen by people that are actually interested.

With Facebook ad targeting options, businesses can reach audiences by location, interests, demographics, events, and more.

You can mix all of these together to build a highly defined Facebook audience. And that is how you can get a visible result of your Facebook ad campaign in no time.

Powerful Copy with Relevant Visual

Both of your ad copy and visual should be balanced and complement each other.

Make sure you put extra effort into both of them in order to create a thumb-stopping Facebook ad.

Use relevant copy and visuals to help users understand your messages better and avoid any confusion and even misinterpretation.

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Focus on a Single Calls-to-Action

When you create a Facebook ad, you should know your goal.

What do you want to achieve from those types of ads? From your goals, then you can create a CTA button.

It also shows users the next step they need to take after they found and saw your ad on their feeds.

Just never leave those who are interested in your brand high and dry.

That’s been a quick guide to Facebook Ads. With some stunning examples and essential best practices mentioned above, you can now start your Facebook Ads campaign and get the limelight you and your business deserve.

Let us know your thoughts below!



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