Five Useful Types of Video Ads that Meet Your Advertising Campaign

What Does It Mean by Adwords?

Have you ever heard about AdWords? It might sound familiar to some of you.

From the name, we can easily guess that Adwords means online advertising service that is intended to help marketers reach their customer engagement target.

Every time you google information, an ad will appear on the very top of your searching result.

Google Adwords is an online advertising program that is provided by Google.

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5 Common Types of Ads in Google Adwords

The advanced technology has brought advertisement life much easier. Google Ads provides 5 campaign types that can fulfill your advertising needs.

Let’s jump to the short explanations of each type.

  1. Search Network

This type of ad only shows texts on the search engine result of all pages that people access. It is suitable for any type of business and any range of budget.

2. Display Network

Display Network is a type of campaign that attractive images on search engine result pages. This type of advertisement is suitable to increase brand awareness.

3. Video (Youtube)

This type of ad advertises products or projects in the form of video content on Youtube. This ad is suitable for those who want to promote their content.

4. Shopping

The Shopping campaign is purposefully to promote products from your eCommerce. To promote your products, you need to access the Google Merchant Center. This type of ad is recommended for eCommerce owners.

5. Universal App Campaign.

This app is specialized to advertise your apps in Google Apps and Google Search as well as in Google search partners like Youtube, AdMob, and others.

Video Campaign Ads

All types of campaigns above have more or less the same purpose which is advertising products. In this session we are going to specifically talk about is video campaign ads.

As already explained above, the video campaign advertises content on Google search engine partner, Youtube.

Video campaign ads let you engage wider customers in various ways across Google partners’ sides and pages.

If you want to promote your content through video campaign ads, you ought to check available video formats that meet your promotion needs.

Skippable In-Stream Ads

In-Stream Ads is one of the most common stream ads used in public. In-stream video ads are about 15–30 seconds long.

However, most of the video ads are 15 seconds long for its content optimization. All in-stream video ads have the “Skip This Ad” button after 5 seconds of the video appearance.

In-stream video ads work by disturbing users’ streaming experience. This skippable button gives the chance and freedom to choose whether to watch the ad until the end or not.

The in-stream video ad can be very disturbing and an unwelcome distraction for some users. Advertisers are suggested to be very clear and concise about the message in the ad.

Types of In-Stream Video Ads

Linear Video Ads can be implied as to the most basic video ad format. This type of ad disturbs the main video content. The way this type works by taking full space of the main video content.

Linear video ads are divided into three types.

  1. Pre-roll ads are played before the main video content.
  2. Mid-roll ads are played in the middle of the main video show.
  3. Post-roll ads are broadcasted after the main video content and before the desired next video.

Non-linear video ads (overlay video ads) are presented along with the main video content. This type of ad does not consume the whole space of the main video.

It takes the form of static images, rich media, or text at the bottom space of the main video.

If the users are affected in the ad, they can simply click on the ad. Moreover, if the users are not interested at all, they can simply ignore the ad and the ad will just disappear.

Companion video ads almost have the same definition as non-linear video ads. The main difference with non-linear ads is the format and size of the ads.

Companion video ads’ main goal is to keep the awareness of the brand.

Outstream Video Ads

Outstream video ads or known as native videos are advertisements that appear on apps and partners’ websites alone.

When you browse certain pages, some videos will appear at the bottom or in the middle of the page, those videos are what you call out-stream video ads.

This type of ad has high-quality video ads because it is served outside the video player and located in the middle of texts.

It is a non-disturbance for users’ experience because users have the right to choose whether to play or ignore it

Non-Skippable In-stream Video Ads

The name literally explains that non-skippable in-stream video is a type of ad that can not be skipped.

The main purpose of providing a non-skippable ad is to engage more customers by providing the entire message of the ad. This ad has a maximum length of 15 seconds.

In this ad, the audiences do not have the right to skip your video. By providing this type of video, your brand messages are delivered successfully.

This ad can be found in Youtube videos, partner’s’ side, and apps in Google Display Network.

Video Discovery Ads

This ad helps advertisers to disperse ads in feeds. The discovery ads will be shown at three places; Google Discovery feed, Youtube home feed, and social and promotions site.

The ad works by analyzing users’ topics and brands preference across their Google Network.

Video discovery ads let your advertisements appear based on viewers’ interest.

By analyzing users’ preference, your ads will be presented in thumbnail image with some text.

The thumbnail is made to be very engaging so that users will click it.

Advertisers will be charged whenever the users click the thumbnail.

Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are known as short video ads that last for 6 seconds.

Bumper ads are usually presented on Google Preferred campaigns to complement the broader messages on certain events.

Bumper ads specifically spotlight special actor, actress, or individual performer while longer video ads spotlight bands or albums.

Google optimizes message awareness by providing an incremental part of a big event which can make viewers eager to seek further information.

This type of ad will appear before, during or after the main video and it is a non-skippable ad.

Although it may appear before, during, or after the main video, a bumper ad is not a time-consuming video.

The bumper ad is very effective to advertise brands and products awareness because its short and attractive content will not reduce viewers’ concentration

Which Type of Ads that is Suitable for You?

From all ad types above, which type of Ads that meet your advertising preference?

Is it non-skippable in-stream video ads? Or are you betting more dough on bumper ads?

Tell us your favorite by leaving a comment below!

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