6 Top GIF Maker Apps You Should Download Now

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In our everyday lives, we live with memes. They’re native on social media platforms. Not to mention they’re also funny, relatable, and easy to consume.

From images to video clips, many internet users use memes as a language of their own.

Besides images and video clips, there’s also another common format of memes: GIF (Graphics Interchange Format).

If you’re a marketer, GIFs are eye-catching and attract your website visitors in no time, making it great visual content for your website.

In this post, we’ll dive more into the GIF and how you can create ones easily — whether it’s simply for memes or other purposes.

What Exactly Is a GIF?

They’re more like flipbook animation — very short and straightforward.

Not to mention that they mostly don’t have sound, and those animated images could load sequentially. Again, just like flipbooks.

Even if you can’t define the word “GIF,” you’ve definitely seen one before. Like this one example below:

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GIF is actually nothing new. CompuServe published the GIF format in 1987, and it was last updated in 1989. Yup, it’s safe to say that GIF is a terribly outdated format.

Those animated images are even older than about 35% of the US population, and it predates the World Wide Web by only two years!

Then, why is it still popular?

One of the reasons is because it’s so easy and quick to make — thanks to those GIF maker apps out there.

Let’s dive into how you can create GIFs and understand the software that can help you create engaging GIFs!

How to Create GIFs

Today, using GIFs is a bit like using emojis or “stickers.” It has the ability to express everything from emotion to wide spanned comically and even marketing ideas.

That’s said, before you create your own GIF using GIF maker apps, you must know that no matter how you create a GIF, you’re going to have to start with a video — unless you create them from scratch, building your own GIFs.

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You can use short or long videos for GIFs. You can also use both online videos you can find on digital platforms like YouTube or offline videos that you have on your devices.

Once you have a video you want to create a GIF from, then you can use these GIF maker apps to help you trim the video down to a proper GIF.

6 Top GIF Maker Apps You Should Download

Below are top GIF maker apps that can help you create GIFs in minutes:

#1. GIFX

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GIFX is an iOS-suitable GIF maker app that you can download directly from your App Store.

This app lets you create engaging GIFs from videos or a collection of images on your devices.

What’s more, GIFX also allows you to overlay animated visual masks, making your GIF even more artistic.

All you need to do is to upload your images or video clips, add effects or other prop features that you want, and export files.

#2. GIF Studio

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This GIF maker app is available for all Android users. GIF Studio offers you almost all the basic features you need in creating a stunning GIF.

From crop, edit, filters, and timing, you can create a simple yet captivating GIF with this app.

However, GIF Studio is much more than a basic GIF maker app, though. This app also allows you to combine multiple GIFs into a single animation, reduce GIF file size without harming its quality, and more.

#3. GIPHY Cam

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GIPHY is cam is another top GIF maker app that is popular among Android users. It’s well-known for its easy-to-navigate user interface.

In other words, this app is easy to use even for a complete, new beginner.

You can add fun filters and effects to your GIFs to make them more interesting.

Once you’ve finished creating your GIF, you can immediately share it on your social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more. You also have the option to save them to your camera roll.

#4. Gif Me! Camera Creator

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Gif Me! Camera provides you with an easy and quick way to create short videos and animated GIF. This GIF maker app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Basically, Gift Me! Camera just like any other GIF maker app on the list. But, there are more fascinating features you might find interesting.

You can create an animated GIF from scratch with your own collections of videos or images, edit existing GIFs, even add texts to GIFs.

#5. Bacon Camera

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Bacon Camera is a video editing and camera app that allows you to create funny effects with GIF support. This app is suitable only for Android users.

Since it’s not a standalone GIF maker app, you can enjoy other features that other GIF maker apps don’t have, such as ISO, Exposure, Shutter Speed, Focus Lenth, etc.

All you need to do is open the mode, aim the camera, and shoot a short video you want to create a GIF. The app then automatically converts it to a GIF for you.

#6. Pixtica Camera

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Are you looking for another camera app with GIF support? Pixtica Camera can be a good option, along with Bacon Camera.

This app allows you to create and shots your own GIF and provides you with a photo and video editor with a full gallery and lots of creative tools.

With all the tools it offers, you can take well-balanced GIFs in no time from your mobile devices — no DSLR camera is needed.

That’s been some popular GIF maker apps on the market that you should download. The key here is to pick one that compatible with the devices you use and your needs.

Do you have another GIF maker app that worth downloading? Let us know in the comment below!

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