5 Inspiring Medical & Healthcare Explainer Video Examples

Illustration by Elf-Moondance on Pixabay

Living with a pandemic is something that we can’t control or even avoid.

Believe it or not, this pandemic is not only ruining our physical health but our mental health too.

Because of this pandemic, many people have become more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time, lots of people are suddenly becoming “experts” on health.

This quickly leaves us even more confused about what is true and what is false.

I bet some of you have already stopped looking for more information about it to avoid getting dragged down by the unending theories and rumors.

Nonetheless, we still need to learn accurate information for ourselves and those we love.

That includes the knowledge of how important medical and healthcare is in our lives now.

Medical and healthcare information is something that is really critical for people to know and learn.

By having more information and knowledge in this area, we are able to access many benefits that we didn’t know we needed before.

This way, we are able to differentiate and better classify the information that we are presented with.

It’s not easy to find straightforward yet true information on how we should take care of our health without having to add another “fire” to our brains.

It’s not even surprising anymore to find a lot of bewildering articles that contain long and unfamiliar medical terms.

So, let’s go straight to the point!

Explainer Videos in the Healthcare Industry

Our brains learn best when they’re aided by visual effects or anything eye-catching.

An explainer video can easily help you to visualize your text into a short yet informative video.

You can put all of the information that you need in one video without having to make a long and “boring” article.

An explainer video will help you to “sell” the information the audience needs without reducing the meaning or quality of the information itself.

Explainer videos for medical and healthcare are not only for those who need to know the information but also for you who work in those industries.

It helps you to deliver the information you need to get to your target audience while eliminating any physical contact.

More than that, you can reach a much larger audience by using an explainer video to promote your industry.

Additionally, you can use explainer videos to clarify complex and informative information about health in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

Healthcare Explainer Videos: Some Examples

Now that we understand how crucial healthcare explainer videos, both for healthcare providers and patients, it’s time to see some inspiring examples.

Medical Explainer Video for Care on Demand

The video above is one of many that show how to deliver a message for the medical industry.

It contains complicated information about how their company works.

By using simple and creative illustrations of stick figures and animated motion graphics, it’s helping the audience to understand how the system works without reducing the meaning or changing the information.

Medical Explainer Video for HealMate

Short, direct, but still very informative.

In this video, the use of cartoon animation is helping both the company and the audience get what they want.

The company gets to deliver the information about how their personal healthcare app keeps track of your health throughout your busy day.

The video is very simple and DIRECT to the audience, making it easier for them to understand what the app is all about.

Healthcare Explainer Video for Telemediclinic Academy

Radiology! Do you know that there are a lot of terms in radiology that are EASY to understand or even remember?

In this video, TMC Academy is helping those who focus on radiology (or any specialized topic) to keep their reports and data in one app!

You don’t always have to be funny when you want to make a straightforward, informative video.

The use of motion graphics here empowers the audience to understand how the app works in such a clear way.

Healthcare Explainer Video for Twiage

The video above uses cartoon animation to help the target audience get the point of the app in an easy and interesting way.

It’s so frustrating when you want to do your best for a patient in a medical situation, but because of limited communication, everything becomes so inefficient.

Twiage offers a pre-communication platform that accelerates life-saving care for EMS and hospital teams.

It can seamlessly relay real-time info from paramedics to the ER department while en route with the patient to the hospital.

Now, you no longer need those old, static-filled radio calls!

Healthcare App Explainer Video for AxS Health

Last but not least, another example of an explainer video for Medical and Healthcare.

See? It’s easy to turn your message into an explainer video!

The video above uses cartoon animation too.


Because, believe it or not, it’s more attractive to the eyes and easier to understand due to the friendly and simple explanation.

In this video, AxS Health gives users the ability to book a priority appointment with the best doctors in their area.

In less than one minute, you too would be able to deliver your message to your audience without having to reduce the meaning.

Those medical and healthcare explainer videos listed above were made at our studio.

You can check out our portfolio to see how we’ve helped the Medical and Healthcare industry as well as many other types of companies to produce creative and custom ideas for their explainer videos.



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