Here’s How You Should Market Your Company on Facebook

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Facebook is a social media channel that can amplify your brand’s reach beyond a website visitor. It even packs a stronger punch to share informative content and important news about your company and its product. On top of it, you can also use it to build a better customer relationship.

Like the rest of the Internet, Facebook is encouraging its users to produce and consume more video content. Its latest algorithm favors native videos in search results greatly over embedded video from other platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Vine etc). In addition to that, video results are prioritized over other types of results like status updates, photos, or notes.

This change in algorithm is expected coming from one of the most advanced social network site. However, most of Facebook users, especially companies, are still in the dark about how they can direct this algorithm change into their benefits.

We have rounded up few tips that companies can use to use Facebook as a video marketing platform. Let’s dive right in.

Make Short Videos

Facebook in its essence is a social media. Its users watch videos that are engaging and entertaining to feel, well, social. Short and compact videos are the best solution to keep viewers’ interest in the video while at the same time encourage engagement.

This is not to say that longer videos are guaranteed flops, but they rarely perform well in social network sites compared to short videos. SocialBakers conducted a research that found videos less than 21 seconds in length performed in the top quarter for completion rates.

One-third of Facebook users come from its mobile app. It makes sense that they don’t want to spend more than a couple of minutes to watch a video on Facebook due to convenience factor or lack thereof.

This is the ultimate reason short videos just work on Facebook. The challenge is how you can make a useful and engaging video content in less than a minute. It’s a difficult task, but still doable. Take for example Tip Hero. It has a plethora of short videos, and they are as informative as a cooking-related video could be. Oh and by the way they get millions of views.

An Example of Tip Hero’s 30-second Video

Don’t Be A Sellout

More people are turning to social media platforms to learn about brands. In a Lab42 survey, half of the participants said that a brand’s Facebook page is more helpful than its website.

However, most brands on Facebook are just generic brand that seeks the customer’s approval instead of speaking their voices. They have a page on Facebook that promote their brands and advert videos, sometimes also reply to their audience’s comments and inquiries. Sure, customers are the end goal of every company, but merely being present on Facebook is not enough to grow a brand.

A brand should be more than just an automated Facebook page to grow. A certain characteristics should be assigned in order to characterize the brand, and in order to not be a sellout.

Nike is a great example of a brand that uses video content on Facebook to share their view as a brand (regardless of it being their true view or not). Their videos are rarely about their products — they’re about showing the world what values they stand for.

Stay Relevant to Your Audience

In order to blend in with their audience on Facebook, a company should know what kind of content they consume regularly. This means that a social media strategist should be assigned to predict and plan what kind of images, videos, or even memes to use on their Facebook page.

If you think this is a cheesy marketing strategy… well, it kind of is. The point is to make audience feel more connected with your company in a way that does not feel forced.

Shoot Live Video

Live video on Facebook offers a whole new level of audience interaction for your business. It’s incredibly handy for something that requires real-time interaction between you and your audience, such as interviews and Q&A.

Facebook Live allows you to reach anyone who follows you, but with all the posts from everyone else some of your audience might miss your live stream. However, there is an option to boost your live stream. Regular live stream tends to increase subscribers to your page — and thus you have a larger audience to reach. Here’s a brilliant example of live video by TasteMade

Hope this gives you some insight to what you are going to do with your company’s Facebook page.

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