How Explainer Videos Relates to Fintech in General?

What is Fintech?

  • Payments and transfers — e.g. online banking and transfer, cloud systems, etc.
  • Management of capitals — e.g. social trading, exchange trade, etc.
  • Funding — e.g. crowdfunding, P2P loans, etc.

Love-Love Relationship Between Explainer Video and Financial Industry

  • Educational videos — it can be as basic as loans, credit, and savings or something as complicated as other financial topics
  • Personalized billing update — the world are trying to cut down paper usage and banks are moving to digital statements, which can be tricky to understand
  • Policy change announcement — rules change all the time and it must be quickly communicated to the public to avoid miscommunication
  • Financial tool descriptions — financial institutions are taking advantages of products and services that are available to give easier access for their customers to manage their financials, which require a tutorial video on how to utilize them

What Needs To Be Included In These Explainer Videos?

1) Product or Service Description

2) Training

How Your Product/Service Can Benefit Your Customers

Scripting 101



Background Music


Case Study: Sage Pay

0.00–0.18 Seconds

0.18–0.55 Seconds

0.55–1.08 Seconds

1.08–1.20 Seconds



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