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Let’s be honest. In this busy world, you’d like to get crucial information concisely and straightforwardly, wouldn’t you?

Who has time to scroll through and read a whole batch of data and statistics to get to the juicy bits of information anyway?

That’s what fueled the implementation of videos as of today’s powerful communication medium.

More and more businesses spend their budget on popular types of videos like explainer videos, demo videos, testimonials videos, and more.

But, when it comes to delivering complex numbers and displaying a wealth of data, infographic videos should be on the top of the lists.


Let’s find out!

Why Should You Care?

As slightly mentioned above, infographic videos are ideal for conveying complex information in a better way — and faster.

Therefore, it can help viewers to increase their retention of information.

That’s one of the best reasons to use an infographic rather than just conveying data through text.

And of course, you should care about this type of video, especially if you have crucial statistics and data that you need to communicate to your viewers without making them overwhelmed.

Simply put, you can say that infographic videos are pretty much like infographics as you often see in a statistical picture form — except it has transitions that make the viewers even easier to engage in and understand the content.

The motion graphic is probably one of the most common types of animation used in infographic videos. That’s because it offers a great source of storytelling by combining both animation and graphic design.

Let’s not forget about the transition that motion graphics provide you with. The smooth and slick transitions and animation are powerful in illustrating anything from heavy-duty statistics to corporate product introductions.

The Stunning Examples

Now that you have a solid grasp of the definition and significance of infographic videos, it’s time to look at some of the best examples on the internet.

Here you go:

#1. How Sugar Affects The Brain — TedEd

This infographic video tells us the effects of sugar on our brain using this colorful animation and easy-to-understand script.

The facts displayed above are narrated casually, making it easy for viewers to retain the information.

#2. Energy Feeds — Breadnbeyond

From this example, we learn that displaying the numbers on the screen and narrating it is smart to make the information memorable.

Your viewers may spend hours just learning this energy source topic and still struggling to get some juicy, crucial information in their minds, but with this infographic video, all they need is only four minutes.

#3. Change the Way You Think About Food — WWF

The simplicity in this infographic video shows you that you don’t always need to go flamboyant just to get your point across.

Even classic black-and-white color and simple texts will do, as long as you have a powerful message backed up with valid data.

#4. Who Paid the Lowest Taxes In the US? — Vox

This infographic video places some simple charts and creates some catchy characters to help the audience focus and keep them engaged.

The analogies used in this video are a great way to help viewers fully understand the explanation effortlessly.

Infographic Video Maker You Can Rely On

Thanks to the internet, you can now create your infographic videos in no time cost-effectively.

What’s more exciting is that you don’t need to have design skills to do it.

What else could you ask for?

All you need is utilizing ready-to-use templates from an infographic video maker that match your video needs and preference.

Below are some of the best option we provide to narrow down countless infographic video maker out there:


Lumen5 is well-known for its features in creating explainer videos.

However, this platform also provides you with a pre-built template for your infographic videos so you can simply just place the data you want to display on the videos.


If you’re looking for a tool that can guide you in creating animated infographic videos, Biteable deserves your attention.

There are a bunch of free and compelling animated templates you can straightly use.

Feel free to modify your infographic video template however you see fit or make one from scratch.


Renderforest spoils you with over 150+ customizable infographic video templates.

From presentation purposes to marketing purposes, this platform has almost everything you need for free templates.

Just pick one and fill in your information, and you can construct your own infographic story. It’s free!


Another infographic video maker you can rely on is MotionDen.

It has a vast library of stock videos or templates solutions shorted by category.

You can sign up to see and use their templates and other tools that might help you in producing stunning and eye-pleasantly infographic video.

Creating Your Own Infographic Videos

Not every infographic video can effectively convey the information and help viewers understand the concept, only engaging and well-crafted ones.

Poorly designed infographic videos can only skew and obscure information, rather than make it easier to understand.

So, here are some quick pro tips to help you get your infographic video right:

  • Keep It Short. Even though it’s much easier to deliver your message through video, make sure you don’t make the duration too long — because it either can make them overwhelmed or bored.
  • Turn Into a Story. Packing the information in story-driven narration makes it easier for the viewers to understand and absorb it.
  • Add Relevant Music. Music can help you set the tone of the video and build up a certain emotion. This way, the viewers can remember the content better.
  • Display Some Text. It’s always better to include some essential headlines on the screen so the viewers can both see it (from the visual) and hear it (from the voice-over). It ensures that they can retain the information better.
  • Easy-to-understand Narration. If you decide to use voice-over, make sure the tone and script match your target viewers’ personality and behavior.

There you have it! Now you’re ready to create your stunning infographic videos!

If you find that crafting the video yourself is too painful for you, you can always hire professionals to help you out.

Breadnbeyond can be a great option!

We can help you visualize your heavy data into compelling infographic videos — using any styles of animation you want!

Get to know us more here.

Helping startups and business grow faster with explainer videos at

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