Landing Page Videos: Why Does It Matter?

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Online videos aren’t not all about cute puppies and fail compilations anymore. It’s much more than that.

More than 97% of marketers claim that online videos boost your sales and help their customers to understand better about the products or services they offer.

It’s no wonder that video content has quickly become a staple tool in every savvy marketer’s marketing arsenal.

One of the so many reasons why video content is appealing for marketers is that it’s extremely shareable. You can share it on your social media, place it on your website, and landing pages.

Today, we’re about to jump into landing pages videos. Why does it matter? What’re the benefits of it? How do you do it?

Why Put Video on Landing Pages?

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Once your potential customer lands on it, they’re a few clicks closer to making a purchase decision. And a compelling video seems like an effective medium to encourage them to purchase your products.

Why is that? Let’s find out! 🕵️

Everyone Loves Videos

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As their attention span has shrunk significantly, they prefer to consume quick and straightforward content that provides them useful information to solve their problems.

That’s where videos come handy. Placing them on your landing pages is such an effective way to get their attention.

Convinces Potential Customers to Convert

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Right after they are directed to your landing page, they tend to explore your brand. And video seems like an ideal medium to deliver your brand’s message quickly and concisely.

When you provide them a compelling video, you can make potential customers trust your product or service as they can get more insights about it visually.

When your potential customers trust you, they are more likely to buy from you. According to the latest video marketing statistics, placing videos on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by more than 80%.

Make Complex Products Much More Accessible

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When you put high-performing on your landing pages, you allow your potential customers to get a solid understanding of what exactly your brand is all about.

It can walk them through the intricate details of your offerings much quicker than the bulky text of explanation- which in turn means more sales.

Show How the Product or Service Works

More than 72% of potential customers use videos to learn more about a product or service instead of reading text-based instruction in the user manual.

With videos on your landing pages, you’d be able to give the potential customer more insights on how your product works and how they can operate it. It even lets you “show” what you can’t “tell.”

Type of Video to Put on Landing Pages

To help you out, here are some of the most appealing type of videos you can consider to place on the landing pages:

1) Explainer Videos

Integrating explainer videos to your landing pages makes it easier for you to give potential customers all the information they need to know.

Explainer videos are also typically short so that they can provide crucial information without overwhelming potential customers.

Not to mention that the narrative-driven stories with endearing characters make the information much easier to retain.

For example, take a look at this stunning explainer video we created for HealMate:

For more stunning well-crafted explainer videos, you can visit our page at

2) Customer Testimonials

Therefore, your landing pages are such an ideal place to put customers’ testimonials or reviews. Potential customers are more likely to purchase your brand when they see happy, satisfied customers.

Customers’ testimonials videos can be an excellent tool to convince them to convert from the minute they land on your landing pages quickly.

To give you more insights on customer testimonial videos, look at the video from Zendesk:

3) Quick Product Showcase Videos

Product showcase videos are an opportunity to grab the attention of potential customers and give them another reason to trust and choose your product over others.

The key here is to present the products visually, so potential customers know what to expect before they decide to purchase it.

Look how ASICS nails product video and shows you how exactly to educate your audience about your brand:

Ways to Make the Landing Page Videos More Effective

Don’t worry. These quick tips below will help you do it:

Keep it short and sparkling. Make sure the landing page videos are short and concise. It makes it easier for potential customers to retain the message effectively.

Make it mobile-responsive. Most of your potential customers use their mobile devices to access the internet, including visiting your landing page. Designing the videos responsive for mobile design is a necessity.

Don’t be afraid to set it on autoplay without sound. You need to catch your potential customers’ eyes once they land on the landing page. That’s why making the video visible is crucial. One of the quickest ways to do it is by setting the video on autoplay with the sound off.

Add captions. Make sure you also put captions on the video. So, even if your potential customers watch it on mute, they can still understand what the video is all about.

Read more about landing page videos at How a Landing Page Video Will Help Your Conversion Rates.

So, what do you think about landing page videos? Do you find it necessary to boost your digital marketing efforts?

Here at Breadnbeyond, we help businesses to create high-converting videos for their websites, social media, and landing pages.

Click on to grab yours today!

If you have any tips on creating landing page videos, please leave a comment below!

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