Why Use Micro-animations in Your Design?

Illustration by Ivan Mesaros from dribbble

Maybe you are wondering why we need micro animation in designing the user interface.

The answer is to make your illustrations come alive!

Animation has existed for a long time. As websites and mobile apps keep upgrading their quality, it becomes more important to spend real effort in the animation.

It will enrich your website and mobile apps and grab the attention of your users too.

So what are micro animations anyway?

Micro animations are small but functional animations that help the users by giving visual feedback and instantly showing changes.

Using micro animations helps the creator to explain the features of their website/mobile apps more clearly without having to write down a ton of instructions.

Micro animation is all over apps you use every day without even realizing it. Just like its name “micro,” this tiny animation changes your video to be more interesting to watch.

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Micro animations also make your illustrations engaging instead of flat and boring.

Take a look at the example above — the submit button is one of the “magical” works of micro animation! It’s simple yet very eye-catching.

By using micro animations, users can get the help they need to navigate your website and mobile apps. Here’s another example for you:

Animation by Yarik Zinkof on dribbble

The image above shows what mobile apps look like without the use of micro animations.

All the menus are shown on the interface. It makes the app look overloaded with unneeded information.

That’s the reason why we need to put more effort into micro animations. They simplify your app’s interface and guide your users easily.

Animation by Yarik Zinkof on dribbble

See? That’s how your apps are going to look when you add animation to them.

The menu buttons are much simpler than before, and they give direct actions to help the users focus on each feature they click on.

Well-designed characteristics of micro animations make them “invisible” and small.

The purpose is to draw the user’s attention and make sure they don’t get lost in your app or website.

This design in micro animation makes your app or website become more interactive and informative.

Here are some reasons why you should add micro animations to your website or mobile apps:

Keep users interested

We all find it boring when we have to wait for mobile websites to load.

Watching the progress bar get stuck on any number less than 100% is totally frustrating when you’re facing a hard deadline or in the middle of a hectic workweek.

By using micro animations, you can show the loading process in an interesting way.

No need to put in too much animation, but even a little bit of it will keep the user entertained and stay with your website while they wait.

Take a look at the example below,

Animation by Kavi Rizki on Pinterest

The use of animation in the loading bar above is engaging the users to stay on your website even if it takes a long time to wait for that process.

If you only show a flat and boring design on your website, your users are going to stop making a visit to your mobile websites. In a way, it makes them feel unwanted and unwelcome.

According to this article, a lot of studies show that more than 40% of users expect a website or an app to load in less than 2 seconds.

They will get frustrated if it takes longer than that, and even worse, some will leave right away.

That is why it’s really important to pay attention to micro animation in this process of website and app design because it will keep your users interested to stay, and better than that, to keep visiting your mobile websites for a long time.

Act as a “guide” for the users

As the creator of mobile websites, it totally makes sense that you understand your product more than anyone else.

But, your users? They have no idea at all.

They need a “guide” to keep them on track so they won’t get lost in your website or mobile apps.

A simple guide, but one that’s very informative and useful for them.

Animation by ChloeDovey on dribbble

Micro animations help the users to keep them from getting lost in all the features shown to them.

By adding some movement to objects, the users will understand how your website or mobile apps works.

It will give them a sense of comfort as they get used to playing with your content, for example, “swipe, scrolling, etc.”

Create focus

Animation by Zhenya Rynzhuk on dribbble

The homepage is the first thing visitors see when they visit a website.

It‘s often loaded with everything about the features and functions of your app or website.

With micro-animation, your users can see which parts they have to focus on first.

By swiping an animation or clicking on it, the users will be able to understand what will happen as they keep scrolling on the screen.

You can also add “pop up” effects to show them the many varieties of items or products that you offer.

This style of animation can serve to reinforce that these items are separate and the user can interact with each one individually.

Micro animations are small but functional animations that help the users by giving visual feedback and instantly showing changes.

Micro Animations help to enhance and enrich the look of your website or mobile apps.

Undeniably, it’s becoming more and more important to keep your users engaged by adding animations to your website or mobile apps.

Micro animations seem unimportant at first because they are small and easily overlooked, but they have a big role in enhancing your interface and drawing your users’ attention.

They help your users to understand how to navigate your website and mobile apps!

Micro animations are everywhere in our lives. They look simple, but it’s not easy work to do well.

Breadnbeyond is ready to help you to create unique and useful designs for your micro-animations. Contact us now!



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