Product Demo Videos vs. Explainer Videos: What’s the Difference?

Explainer Video

Here are some characteristics you often find in an explainer video:

#1. Explaining Complicated Products

Coming up with innovative ideas is not an easy nor a simple task, but communicating them to others is even harder.

#2 Increasing Brand Awareness

You create brand awareness at the marketing funnel entrance by making your product more visible.

  • Tell the world who you really are, beyond the products you sell. Create videos that show off your company culture and your company’s behind-the-curtain lives.

Product Demo Video

Now that you know essential characteristics that most explainer videos have, try to compare it with product demo video:

#1. Visual Proof

#2. Physical Sampling

Demoing the product is a physical sampling that lets viewers know how the product performs physically without viewers taking the risk of buying it first.

  • Sampling existing consumers in a testimonial video.
  • Featuring giveaway announcements for sample products.

#3. Creation process

People nowadays find it easy to create videos. Due to the increased popularity of YouTube as a live video and music platform, technology for creating videos has also evolved.

Closing Thoughts

Explainer clips and product demo videos are unsurprisingly similar in their ability to showcase a product.



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