Promote Your Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Product with Explainer Video

Are you familiar with the world of online shopping? Or maybe doing business where you have to make payments online?

Scammers, hackers, and frauds are probably one of many dangers that lurk behind online payments these days, considering there are so many transactions that are done on a daily basis.

As a result, many people are hesitating to do online transactions.

Talking about trust issues…

But what if I tell you, there is a way where you can do online transactions safely?

Let me introduce you to Blockchain Technology.

5W & 1H (What, Why, When, Who, Where, and How)

What & Why

An easier way to understand blockchain technology is by looking at it as a treasurer’s diary that is almost impossible to forge.

Pretty cool, huh?

Blockchain technology is used to make payment processes safer by minimizing the risk of fraud and human errors.

This also includes cryptocurrencies as well.

Imagine blockchain as data blocks of unique pieces of codes linked by cryptographic hash.

There are no 2 blocks that are the same (just like snowflakes!).

Each block contains information such as timestamp, payment amount, and who are involved in the transaction.

Every time a new transaction is made, a new block is created and added to the existing chain.

The blocks of ledgers are arranged chronologically and each block has a reference of the block preceding it.

Trying to forge these ledgers is practically impossible! Good luck!

When & Who

Blockchain technology was first described in 1991 by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta.

Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta

It was then conceptualized by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008.

Satoshi Nakamoto

Nakamoto improved the design and added a core component of cryptocurrency bitcoin, where it serves as a public ledger for all transactions.

However, please be aware that blockchain technology is not the same as Bitcoin and Etherium.

Bitcoin is one of several other cryptocurrencies that have its own blockchain and distributed ledger systems.


There are so many big and small companies that are already starting to use blockchain technology.

Some well-known companies that use this technology include:

  • HSBC
  • Walmart
  • DHL
  • Unilever
  • And many others

It is not limited to certain job sectors, but it has a very wide variety.

More information on how each company utilizes blockchain technology can be found here.


We can all agree that blockchain is not an easy topic to understand, as it can be very complicated and technical.

Considering these facts, you, as businesses offering these products and services in this sector, need a solution on how they can educate the public and make money at the same time.

A question for payment gateway companies: how do you convince your customers that buying gift cards from your shop for their loved ones are secure?

Or maybe a solution for the danger and the sky-high overseas money transfer fee?

If you’re in the SaaS business, the product you’re offering might not have a physical shape.

How do you convince people that might be old-fashioned into believing that your product is not a scam and will benefit a lot of people?

There is one solution I’d like to offer: Blockchain Animation!

Explainer videos are made to explain complicated things by making it attractive and easier to understand.

By utilizing blockchain animation, companies can introduce and educate people in the blockchain world.

Companies can explain how and why blockchain is needed, specifically the products and services they are offering.

Let me explain why blockchain animation is my suggested go-to solution.

Blockchain Animation Explained In 4 Steps

Blockchain technology, as we all know, can be quite a geeky subject. Unless you’re someone that is highly educated in maths, IT, and data analysis, you probably think blockchain is a very foreign world.

Truth is, not everyone needs to know what blockchain technology is in so much detail.

As a company that wants to promote them, you need to be able to explain your product in a convincing and simplest way to those who are less tech-savvy.

First, videos are more viewer-friendly compared to plain, old, boring black, and white text.

Make the explanation and animation personalized to improve customer experience. It makes it easier to introduce a hard concept to the public.

Second, there are so many industry-related jargon and terms that make blockchain harder to understand than what it already is.

To explain these terms, you need your audiences’ full attention and you can achieve this through the full use of colorful animation.

You can clear out certain things that people find difficult and confusing, rather than being overwhelmed.

Third, videos use the short and concise types of information to simplify this already complicated topic.

If you are able to answer people’s questions and curiosity about blockchain, you can encourage them to learn more about this topic.

Last but not least, video animation is visually appealing, which can potentially attract a wider market.

You can target more people working in the cryptocurrency and blockchain-based services.

Explain how blockchain can protect and secure their information, considering there are so many frauds and scams out there, it is already very hard to gain people’s trust.

There are companies out there that believe in the power of blockchain technology. Let’s learn more from them and what they have achieved.

Blockchain Explainer Video: The Examples


Zeux is one company that provides an app where you can manage all your financial accounts in one place.

They describe themselves as ‘hassle-free digital money managers’.

One of its features includes an AI that helps to recommend suitable investments based on your risk you’re willing to take (including crypto funds).

If it requires you to open up a separate account, the ‘concierge service’ of this app will do it for you.

You can also transfer money overseas through the Zeux platform in a shorter period of time and at a more affordable cost.

But in case you need to make payments, Zeux also provides a virtual credit card in FIAT or cryptocurrency.

Everything can be done on your phone with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and/or Samsung Pay.

Zeux manages to explain who they are, what they do, and how they do it all in a 1.5-minute video.

Not only it is easy to understand, but it is also highly interactive and informative, without rushing and overloading the audiences with too much information.


Tokky is a company that highlights the problem of how gift cards can bring a lot of benefits to companies, but also at the same time has a lot of growing costs.

Things such as transaction fees, monthly subscription fees, point of sale infrastructure costs, and printing expenses. What’s worse is that gift cards can be insecure, making fraud a common problem.

Tokky has a solution by creating a digital gift card platform using the theory of blockchain. This eliminates operation costs and makes it safe from fraud.

These customizable gift cards are also reloadable, which can be redeemed online and in-store using the Tokky app. Promoters can also earn a commission for each gift card sold.

The overall video has a duration of 1.5 minutes and Tokky is able to provide a problem-solution approach and how blockchain technology helps to keep transactions safe.

Not only explaining their problem and solution, but they also manage to show how to use their product.

If you’re in the blockchain industry, would you think the simplicity of a video appealing for your audience?

Are you convinced that blockchain animation is a good investment? Share your thoughts on the comment box below!

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