The Importance of a Promotional Video for Your Business

People just love watching videos, don't they?

They jump into YouTube and other social media just to enjoy different videos, from the curb your meme compilations to how to open a can of coke quickly.

This video craze makes video content a staple tool for savvy marketers determined to survive and thrive in the crowded market.

With staggering numbers on the video marketing statistics each year, it makes sense to say that video marketing is here to stay.

A business that hasn’t jumped into the video marketing bandwagon is actually leaving its money on the table.

And when it comes to video marketing, there are tons of marketing videos that businesses can create.

One of the most basic yet powerful ones is the promotional video.

Promotional Videos: What Is It and Why Do You Need One?

For some marketers, promotional videos might sound too broad.

Therefore, we need to make sure that we’re on the same page about its definition in the first place.

So, promotional videos are basically business videos created to promote products or services to prospective customers.

Any video that aims to introduce your brand to your prospects is a promotional video.

One thing to note here is that promotional videos don’t have to be a hard-selling, blatant sales pitch. You can still create a high-converting promotional video without outright asking you to buy something.

An engaging promo video can tell a story and bring the conversation to a more personal level to make the advertising less intrusive.

Here are some type of promotional videos:

… and more

Now, why do you need it?

The main reason is quite simple, and we’ve slightly mentioned it before: because internet users are getting more and more attached to online videos.

By creating a stunning promotional video, you can cut through the noise and grab their attention faster.

Compared to text-based flyers, articles, or posters, promotional videos allow you to tell as well as show the product you offer in an engaging manner.

The prospects can see the visual from different angles, and it helps them to make a better impression of your product.

Promotional videos make it much easier for you to introduce the features and show how they actually solve your prospects’ problems and make their lives any easier.

Some Stunning Examples

Now that you understand a bit more about promotional videos. We’ll take a closer look at what is it actually look like.

Here are some examples of stunning promotional videos for your inspiration:

Dollar Shave Club

Let’s start with the most basic one, shall we? Who hasn’t even watched this iconic promotional video? This promotional from Dollar Shave Club knows how to grab their target audiences’ attention.

It used silly internet jokes to make the advertisement much more memorable — what a smooth way to promote a brand.


This promotional video from Always is such an inspiring example.

It tells an encouraging and empowering story of what most women and girls have experienced in life.

It doesn’t seem like an advertisement at all, right? No wonder this promotional video spread out all over the internet.


A big video production brand, GoPro, lets the video footages do the talking. The promotional video doesn’t even mention the name of the brand.

Awesome footages simply show how the camera capture awesome moment, making the viewers want to have it themselves.

Creating Your Promotional Videos: Tools You Can Use

Thanks to the internet, today, you can create your promotional videos yourself with video marketing tools and software out there.

Of course, it’s extremely helpful for small businesses with shoestring budgets.

Below are some tools you might consider using if you want to produce your promotional video yourself:

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a popular video editing tool that makes it much easier for you to create professional-looking videos and stories on the go.

From trimming to syncing, this tool has almost anything you need for a video editing tool. Other features include filters, motion graphics, special effects, and more.


If you want to create animated promotional videos or simply want to add animated elements to your promotional videos, PowToon can be your go-to.

This tool allows you to create animated characters, add props, overlays, and more — either it’s for 2D and 3D animation.


A promotional video without any background music isn’t complete. You don’t have to compose your background sound yourself because PremiumBeat has it all.

All you need to do is purchase the audio you want and freely use it for any other projects without worrying about copyright strikes.

Pexels Videos

Pexels Videos is the place where you can find stock videos for free.

If you don’t have enough equipment or resources to capture one specific footage or clip, you are most likely to find it here.

From healthcare to the business industry, you can download D or 4K video clips and use all of them for free for your projects.

For more awesome tools to create stunning promotional videos, you can visit our page: Video Marketing Tools for 2021

Best Practices

As you might already know, promotional videos aren’t all about your products’ advertisements and push prospects to buy them.

It can be a great medium to share your stories and engage prospects in no time.

Interested in creating one? Here are some essential tips you need to know before you get started:

  • Keep It Short and Fruitful. The sweet spot for a promotional video is 2 minutes. If you make it so long, your prospects will most likely get overwhelmed and bored.
  • Tell a Story. Your prospects don’t even care about what you sell. They care about how your product benefits them. So, you can create a story-driven promotional video to show them how your products can help them.
  • Use Appropriate Tone. Make sure you know who you talk to. Do deep research of your prospects or target audiences to set the right tone. With the right tone, you can make them comfortable, and they’ll retain all your information much better.

That’s been a quick guide on promotional videos. If you find it too painful to create your own professional-looking videos to grow your business, you can always rely on professionals.

Breadnbeyond is an explainer video company that can help you produce a high-converting promotional video. See our package here.

So, what do you think about promotional videos? Has your business created one? Or do you have any thoughts on today’s post? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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