Real Estate Video Marketing: A Perfect 21st Century Guide to Buying Your Dream House

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Buying your first house is a big deal! You’d want to find the perfect home that (hopefully) fits in your budget.

But how will you know which houses are on sale?

It’s not like you can randomly barge into other people’s houses and ask them if that property is on sale (you’ve been warned!).

So how do people manage to buy and sell houses these days?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock like Patrick Star, you’ll know some of the common answers: real estate agency advertisements, and you might be able to see a ‘For Sale’ sign in front of some properties.

So, if you’re one of those homeowners that are contemplating whether you should use video marketing to sell your house, please keep reading.

We will convince you (or at least let us try!) to join the video marketing bandwagon!

As the saying goes, follow the trend or you’ll be left behind.

Fun Fact

Have you ever heard of the quote ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’?

If so, then let me challenge your brain to a fun riddle! Videos are made based on a compilation of images and pictures that get animated based on their purposes.

Based on that fact, let me riddle you this: How many words does a video worth?

Because spoiling surprises is my full-time job, I’ll give you the answer: Priceless!

The Greatness Of Video Marketing

So, what’s so great about video marketing?

Let’s dive in.

Videos allow you to explain a message clearly in a shorter period of time

Compared to reading texts, videos are also highly engaging. Therefore, it is easier to gain your audiences’ attention.

People these days are getting very impatient, so they want things fast.

So if you can deliver a message faster and in a more effective way, why not? Especially with the shortening of humans’ attention span and how hard the economy is, it gets trickier to educate people about a new product and getting them to buy it.

Sparks interest

Color tends to better attract people’s attention. The color black and white is often referred to as dull and boring.

To spice things up a bit, color is then added. There’s even a psychology study about how different colors can affect people’s emotions too, so it must be true.

Referring back to the subject, with the existence of colors, sounds, and animation, videos are more attractive than ever. This is a very crucial point when we want to market something to the public.

The public needs to have some kind of attraction to our product to spark an interest to know more about our product. And the rest of the process will come naturally.

If you’re unable to grab their attention, people will skip your video. No one cares how many months you put into making the video.

This means, your product is as good as nothing.

No one will have the desire to know what your product is, what it can do and how it can benefit its user.

Real-Life Experience

In real estate, you’d want to showcase the property that you’re selling, but you do not want to do an open house 2 hours per session, 5 times a day, 7 days a week.

It is very beneficial to put some pictures that follow your listings. Your audience will do an elimination process all on their own.

However, as mentioned earlier, videos are able to tell a lot more stories compared to a compilation of pictures.

Videos help your audience in getting a better feel and understanding of the property you’re listing without physically having to come to the property itself.

We don’t want to waste anyone’s time and money here.

It’s also beneficial for you as a realtor because you only have to meet those people that already have an excellent understanding of the property and are very interested. But they want to physically see the property and location because they are your potential buyers.

Less work for you! And with less time working, comes more opportunities!

3 Essential Tips In Getting Your Video Right

#1. Pick the right video style

Unlike any other marketing materials, real estate video marketing can be quite tricky to master.

The message we’d like to convey in the video must be made as realistic as possible.

Make it as human as possible because we want the audiences to be able to relate on an emotional level.

Not only this video shows a full tour of the house as if the buyers are physically walking around inside the house, but you can also showcase the lifestyle and local attraction of the area to show how beautiful the neighborhood is, which they can be a part of! Intrigued yet?

For more references about style you should use for your real estate videos, you can read more: 16 Types of Animation Styles

#2. Make yourself known in front of the potential buyers

Before determining which house buyers want to buy, they tend to pay attention to which realtor the house belongs to.

Give as much detail about who you are to build trust with your buyers. This can be achieved using the following methods.

Put the agents’ bio on the bottom of the page. This makes the buyers feel like they have a point of contact to ask any questions and they can trust this agent because they’re the best agent with the best knowledge about the property.

If you’re from a well-known realtor company, even better!

You’ll have a big advantage compared to your competitors because your company name will have a head start in creating a ‘trust bond’ with your buyers.

If you’re not from a well-known realtor, not to worry. You can still salvage your position by explaining who you and your company are.

If you have previous buyers’ testimonials, put them in. buyers will give you a chance because they’re already in love with the property you’re listing.

#3. Keep It Short and Sweet

Give your viewers what they want to see. You do not have the luxury of making your advertisement into a serial drama with hundreds of episodes.

Get it out there as soon as possible, this also means more money you can save in making the video.

The duration of your video will not be as short as other marketing videos. Other videos might have about 2 minutes, you can have a maximum of 5 minutes. But the smaller your property, the shorter your video needs to be.

Don’t drag it out, stop wasting everyone’s time (and your company’s money).

The faster your buyers watch your videos, the faster they will organize an inspection and make a deal, the faster you can get a commission. Then move on to the next property, repeat the process. Get the idea here?

Let us know if we miss anything on the comment box down below! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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