SaaS 101: Digging Through Definitions

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For programmers, cloud systems, SaaS, software, and even coding have become their daily nutrition. But, for us, these will be a bit of a new puzzle.

In this discussion, we will deeply talk about SaaS.

Have you ever heard about SaaS?

I guess some of you have, and some of you have not heard about it.

Let’s jump to the main discussion about SaaS!

What Does It Mean by SaaS?

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SaaS stands for Software as a Service. This service is included in a cloud computing system. In other words, you do not have to buy and install any software on your computer.

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You can access the software via websites by subscribing to it. In more compelling words, you do not have to spend a lot of money to purchase expensive software.

According to Visualmodo, SaaS can be seen as a form of outsourcing of software services, applications, and infrastructure. So, instead of wasting massive amounts of time and money to create awesome landing pages, develop website design, and more, you can use SaaS services.

This type of system can provide many advantages, but unfortunately, it also can provide disadvantages.

In the next part, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using SaaS.

Various Advantages of Using SaaS

SaaS is a new system that brings a lot of ethical impacts on technology. There are indeed many benefits that people can get by using SaaS, and we have listed five below.

  • Reduce Installation Time

By using SaaS, you can reduce software installation time because, inside the SaaS product, the applications that you need are installed.

In short, people need to prepare enough money with the desired application they want to use. It also saves you time finding the correct installation that your operating system requires.

  • Save Your Money
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You can save your money since the software in SaaS is designed for small-medium businesses. This gives you funds you can allocate elsewhere.

Furthermore, people can get a reduced maintenance cost as well.

However, just like Vikas Agrawal said, you need to ensure to use the SaaS service effectively since sometimes, SaaS stack could be costing you more than you know.

  • Easy to Get Regular Updates

SaaS offers updates at a much lower cost than the traditional model of software. The traditional software models tend to ask users to buy and pay expensive updates for the software.

  • Easy to Use

SaaS offers more accessible types of software to use for daily needs. Also, it allows users to test the functions of the software thoroughly.

Moreover, users can use one SaaS for many different functions or companies. SaaS always offers its users a test run before purchasing it.

Despite its advantages, unfortunately, SaaS software also has disadvantages along with it. Well, every creation has a weakness.

In the next discussion, we will talk about the disadvantages of SaaS.

The Disadvantages of SaaS

Unfortunately, users will also face disadvantages of SaaS products. Therefore, you, as the user ought to be careful before using any products.

  • Lack of Control for Software

If you decide to use SaaS products, you must think about this dominant risk; not having full control of your software.

Since the third party or another hoster handles SaaS products, you do not have full control of the software you own.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to rely on your problems on other people’s shoulders, then this product is not a good recommendation for you.

  • Limited Applications

Although SaaS is getting more popular nowadays, there are some applications or software that are not offering hosting platforms.

Therefore, before deciding to use SaaS, make sure that all your applications and software you need are offering hosting platforms.

If not, then you are not able to use SaaS to its maximum potential. What you need to do is purchase the software, download, and, more importantly, handle it on your own.

  • You Need a Fast Internet Connection 24/7
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The problem when you decide to use SaaS products is that you have to make sure you have a stable internet connection that is ready along with your working hours.

The traditional software does not always require an internet connection since it is entirely installed on your computer. But, for SaaS products, you need a reliable, fast, and steady internet connection to run the software.

Once your internet connection is down, then it will be a big disaster for you and your work.

  • Limited Functions and Features

In SaaS, the features and functions of the application will be limited. It is an uncommon issue for hosted websites to have limited features since you do not spend as much money as traditional software requires.

If you need complete functions and features to get your work done, you can not use SaaS products as your primary tool.

Therefore, before choosing and deciding to use SaaS software, make sure to check the completion of the features and functions it offers.

Various SaaS Products that are Commonly Used Nowadays

Various SaaS products can be used to help your work. These are the SaaS sites that are worth considering to use:

  • Hubspot

Hubspot is a company that serves its customers through software products for inbound marketing and sales.

It helps you manage your customers’ relationship with your business.

Hubspot is incredibly known for its CRM system (Customer Relationship Management System) that helps companies take care of their customers’ sales inbound.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the consumer-grade storage for many users around the world. It has various price tiers, where they offer 2GB for free users and 2TB for companies.

In this cloud, users can save photos, videos, files, and anything you can save. With this SaaS, you can manage your data in the Dropbox.

For people who own companies, your co-workers can save any files of their works and make it accessible within the company.

  • Microsoft 365

Microsoft is known for its ways of helping people get their jobs done. Microsoft 365 is the hosted version of Microsoft software. In Microsoft 365, users need to make an account to manage their work.

This hosted platform can reduce the time and cost for your business.

By using this platform, users can both be doing their tasks and save their actions in the cloud. This platform is truly flexible for any users.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud has been a known tool to help graphic designers and video makers to create videos.

Adobe sells its product for $1,500 for each product. In 2013, Adobe released SaaS products, which can be purchased for $ 49.99 a month.

Adobe recognizes that SaaS provides spaces that enable them to establish lighter and shifted SaaS subscriptions.

Will You Move on to Use SaaS instead of Traditional Software?

So, which one brings more advantages for you?

Is it the traditional software or the SaaS?

Please let us know your opinion by leaving a comment down below!

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