What Is Social Wall and How to Create One for Your Event?

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The content you post on your social media matters nowadays.

The brands need to maintain good content on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The reason is users judge the brands based on their presence on social media.

Suppose you plan a good content strategy for your social media accounts, and you maintain these well.

Now you wish to display the content altogether, taking it from different social media platforms to showcase it to the users.

What would you do? You must be thinking, how is it possible to show all the content together?

It is possible, and the solution is a social wall.

What Is a Social Wall?

A social wall digitally aggregates your social media content from different social platforms.

It allows you to collect the social media feeds from varied sources and display them in one place.

You can aggregate these posts through hashtags.

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A social media wall or a social wall allows you to communicate through your social media content.

You can spread brand awareness, share important information, everything with a social wall.

Nowadays, a social wall is a powerful digital marketing tool to aggregate, filter, and display relevant social media posts to the target audience.

Reasons to Have a Social Wall in Virtual Events

At this point, the question that can pop up in your mind are;

“Why should you create one?”

“How will it help you to make efforts for creating and displaying a social wall?”

Generate More Engagement

Social media platforms prioritize their content based on their engagement with our network.

It means that the social media channels filter the posts that have the most likes, comments, and shares by the people added to our network.

The platforms mix and match these with some latest posts based on your interests and behavior.

Display this content digitally through a social wall and inspire your target audience to like, comment, and share these posts.

This audience will be more engaged with your website this way.

It will also help to enhance traffic on the brand's social media platforms.

Give a Social Media Exposure to the Event

A social wall includes content from different social media platforms that you can display in the events. It makes your event exposed to social media.

It gives your audience social proof of your presence across different locations.

Social exposure helps to create a buzz around all social media platforms about your event.

It motivates event attendees to be a part of this exposure and share their event experiences.

Boost Revenue With Sponsored Posts

Brands that buy space on your social wall become your sponsors.

They are like the lifeline of your revenue sources in the events. Sponsors pay you to display their ads on your social wall.

It enhances the viewers’ attention. You can get great sponsorship deals by making your wall attractive.

Displaying sponsored ads will help to enhance the visibility of the social walls. It will help you and the sponsor too.

You will get more revenue, and sponsors will get more attention.

How to Create a Social Wall for Your Event?

After going through the benefits of displaying a social wall, you must be thinking, “how can you build one?”

There are mainly three tools available to design a social wall as you wish!


Taggbox is a UGC-driven platform that allows you to build a social wall for virtual events.

Leverage it for a corporate, trade show, product launch, a concert, or any virtual festival.

With this tool, you can design a social wall in three steps.

To create such an engaging wall, you need to collect UGC content from different platforms, customize and moderate it, and display it in your virtual event.

This tool allows you to take a free trial to experiment with the features. It helps you to aggregate user-generated content from 15+ social platforms.

Designing a social wall will help you to attract more users, boost audience engagement, and enhance conversions.

Taggbox is a great tool to build your social wall as it provides you detailed audience insights, helps to promote sponsors on the social wall, gives you the chance to have an uninterrupted display, and gives real-time updates.


It is an analytical tool that provides you with the features of customization, moderation, advertising, and sponsorship on social walls.

Everwall helps to build the Social Wall in a few minutes. Also, it takes very little time to publish the wall on your website.

It is one of the fastest tools to build your social wall.

Everwall is helpful to maximize your ROI with its sponsor post feature. It gives you a place to show your top sponsors and partners on the social wall.

This way, during the event, your sponsors can advertise their particular service, and gain attention.

The main features of Everall are real-time updates, moderation, and adding SMS.


This tool allows you to aggregate and display event-related content, including explainer videos, photos, and other posts on your social wall.

The tool helps to collect this content from diverse social media platforms.

It allows showcasing UGC on your social wall. It offers you to archive this social media content.

You can put the content collected from meetings, conferences, and other virtual events in archives.

It is a great tool to design a social wall mainly with user-generated content.

Social walls are the best way to collect authentic content from different social media platforms.

With social walls, you can get organic followers and boost revenue which every event organizer wishes to.

Social walls are great to give social exposure to all your events.

Choosing the tool you want to build your social wall is your decision.

After all, everyone has their own preferences and needs while those tools also have their own ways of helping you create your own social walls.

Author: Prakah Rawat is a technical writer. He is passionate about researching meaningful content and also putting it into words, such as innovation, technology, UGC, and digital marketing trends.



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