The BEST Start-up Video EVER!

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If you’re curious about how we can help you create the best startup video your eyes have ever landed on, then keep reading!

Watch (or read) and learn…

#1. Set Your Goal(s)

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We want you to find out what you want to achieve with this video. Think as hard as you can, as if your life depends on it!

You can set up as many, or as little goals as you want, but if you have multiple goals you might want to consider creating more than one videos to prevent straying off-topic. Here are some ideas to get you started!

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  • Engage with my customer — you can do this by using interesting content and features. Life is short, might as well have fun!
  • Educate my audiences — summarize what you want to educate your audiences on and make it interactively fun. There are reasons why some people hate school, it’s because education can be stressful.
  • I just want the money — in this case, you can make a video of yourself asking for people’s money rather than advertising your product.
  • I just want to be successful — who doesn’t? But you have to make a start and we’re here to help you. Be humble.

#2. Choose the Best Video Style For Your Goal

There are so many video styles with tons of different names that exist in the digital marketing industry.

Truth to be told, even if we explain it all to you now, you will finish reading this post hour later and we might still miss some.

Let us give you an excellent example from the Local Supply Chain (LSC) below:

Whiteboard animation is designed mostly in black and white and it is very effective in presenting facts and statistics.

It has a classroom-style effect on your audiences, which gives them a sense of familiarity. However, do not expect any branding opportunities in this video format. Branding videos require you to showcase color and preferably character animation to make the video more entertaining to watch, which this video format is not able to provide.

You’re more than welcome to try, but in case you fail, all we can say is “told you so”!

There are so many video formats out there, so pick one off the list that you think will suit your business perfectly or consult an expert!

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You know your business best, however, you’re not quite sure on your scriptwriting skill nor the duration of your video that you need to set.

That is when we come into play, to be at your service.

A good script needs to have the following:

  • Introduction. Explain who you are and what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Context. Notice what trends are you seeing in the industry and how your product fits in.
  • Problem. What seems to be the problem or what the industry is lacking.
  • Solution. What can your product do to help solve the problem you previously mentioned. You can include customers’ feedback (testimonials) or have a celebrity to promote your product (endorsement) to better convince your customers.

Make sure your video is informative and at the same time also entertaining to maintain your customers’ attention.

To maintain your audiences’ attention span, make sure that your video is not too long, between 1–2 minutes is best.

Short, sweet, simple is the key!

#4. Set The Mood

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Once you set how you want your storyline to be, you need to decide how your characters will make your audiences feel using a few details.

These factors can be decided using your characters’ looks, attitude, how they talk and background music.

For example, do you want your audiences to laugh or be informed? Do you want them to be educated or do you want them to tell a story?

Decide if you want your characters to look cartoon-ish or maybe no character involved and just your advertised product?

Last but not least, if you do not want to be sued for using copyrighted music then please read this section. There are so many different types of music depending on what mood you’re trying to set and there are free sites that you can use to find the perfect music for your video.

Also, do not forget the importance of sound effects to improve the mood for your video.

#5. Animation Process

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The animation process is the final step in making videos. This process is where all your hard work is being put together and ready for judgment by the public.

A key to successfully produce a good video in a timely manner is to have a concrete plan before deciding on anything. This also means avoiding back and forth in the video-making process because you do not set your goal up properly.

The video-making process consists of 5 steps:

  1. Scriptwriting
  2. Mockup (drawing characters)
  3. Storyboard
  4. Voice over recording
  5. Animation phase

Here’s an example so you can better understand the process.

Let’s say that within the last month, you have decided on a storyline and wrote your script, drew the characters and then later combined them as a storyboard.

You’ve asked your chosen voice actor to voice over your character and all you have to do is to see the magic happen and your new video is ready.

But then you had a change of heart thinking your storyline is not good enough. This means scrapping a month worth of hard work and all your previous designs.

Now, not only you cannot finish the video before your deadline, but you also have to spend more money on the process.

Have faith in your storyline and make sure that it best describes the features of your products/services before giving any approval to go on the next step.

Ready… Set… Action…

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Once you have taken all these factors into consideration, means you are ready to create your startup videos. There are experts out there that can assist you in making your videos because all these can be a very stressful process to handle.

Let us know if you currently need help with a video project! Hit us up at, we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Otherwise, we’d like to hear your thoughts on the comment box below! 😊👏👏👏

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