The Dawn of Digital Era of Animated Commercials

Have you ever seen a short video that acts as a teaser about a brand, product, or service? Maybe about 1-minute long at most.

You might see it on the television or on social media, be it Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or the current media darling, TikTok.

In some cases, the video might even get you to feel excited and super curious!

If the answer is yes, then without realizing you’ve seen at least one commercial video in your life.

Not only commercial videos are an excellent choice for a brand, product, and service introduction, it is also great at increasing sales.

For you business owners, commercial videos are a must-have.

But have you ever considered animated commercial videos?

Let me show you how animated commercial videos can be very powerful.

Guilty Pleasure: You ❤ Cartoon Video

You’re not alone!

I love videos too, and a few other billions of people out there love videos too.

Researchers also did some research on how the world is evolving from the simplicity of a text to the creativity of videos.

Let me share some facts about why video advertisements are far more superior than text:

  • Viewers retain 95% of a message in a video and only 10% reading it in texts
  • Adobe found that 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide confirms that videos are the type of content with the best ROI
  • 4x of people are more likely to watch a video rather than reading about it
  • Putting an animated video on a web-page increases viewers’ engagement by 86%
  • Posts with videos get nearly 300% more engagement than a post with text only

Convinced yet? Don’t worry this is just the beginning. Let the convincing session continue.

Explainer Videos And Commercial Videos

They sound almost the same, but the truth is, are they?

Let me tell you this, in a way they are similar.

Their main purpose is slightly different. Explainer videos focus more on explaining and uncomplicate things.

They go more into detail about a product because their purpose is to ‘explain.

Meanwhile, commercial videos are created to sell.

They might share a little bit of information, but not entirely because they want to make their viewers curious.

Build the viewers’ excitement and leave them wanting more.

It sounds a little bit rude, doesn’t it?

That’s just how businesses work!

3 Reasons You Should Have an Animated Commercial Video

1) It’s an excellent choice for explaining things

Animation allows the viewers to put their guard down, causing their mind to be at ease.

It’s a sense of familiarity with cartoon movies they used to watch when they were younger.

Once they feel at ease, it’s easier to introduce new ideas, especially with a video that is great at simplifying things. It is ideal to be used for complicated videos such as software development, cryptocurrencies, etc.

2) Freedom of art!

Animated videos are more flexible and they can be made to be as creative as possible.

With live-action videos, there are limitations on how much a person can do to make the video fun but still make sense in away.

You can also add animated non-human characters, which live-action videos can’t. Fire breathing dragons, big friendly giants, talking gingerbread man, no problem!

3) Editable in the future

Perhaps in a few years, you need to change some numbers or some scenes in the video? You can easily do that!

You do not have to bother with reshooting the scenes and spending all of your budget allowance for it. Animated videos are

How Much Will A Video Cost?

This is actually something that needs to be discussed with the animation company you are working with.

Different companies have different fees, ranging from $500 to $10k for the first minute of the video.

Yes, it is quite a large range. The fact is, if you asked 10 companies that produce this kind of video, chances are you will get many kinds of different responses.

If you choose the cheaper video company, you might doubt your choices and start asking questions like ‘why is it so cheap compared to the others?’ or ‘will they produce a good quality video or it will just end up being trash?’.

But if you go with the most expensive video company, you might ask questions like ‘will the quality of the video worth the price?’ or ‘what makes it so expensive?’.

Of course, $10k is a lot of money, especially to be spent on a single video.

That’s why it is crucial to find the perfect video company that offers a great price and high-quality videos.

Differences in Turnaround Periods

Often a business owner would want to have the video produced as soon as possible.

You might also be curious about if it will satisfy your already high expectations.

But how long do you normally have to wait until your video is finished and ready to go? How long is the sweet spot to produce this kind of video?

Considering we are talking about a 1-minute video, companies can take 2 months or maybe more!

But some can also finish a video as fast as 1 week.

Why does it vary so much?

We believe that finishing a video should be within a reasonable amount of time so that the quality won’t get affected.

Generally, 4–6 weeks is very common because we have to take into account the amount of time we need to get feedback and revisions.

Now you’re thinking, how long can it be to get feedback anyway?

Let me tell you this: if you can always give feedback (yours and whoever that’s involved) and pay invoices in less than 24 hours after it was delivered, the person assigned to assist you with your project is the luckiest person on earth, and you’re a gem!

Most companies do offer a speedier version in making these videos, for a fee and it ain’t come in cheap.

It is best for you to allow everyone plenty of time, rather than rushing everything at the last minute.

Not only is it stressful for you, but it is also (insanely) expensive and in some cases might affect the quality of the video.

We all know the universe hates certain people or something, which is why this industry provides a rush service.

We also have some stunning examples of animated commercial videos here: 22 of the Best Animated Commercials of All Time

So, are you ready to start creating your own animated explainer video?



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