The Video Creator’s Guide to Planning Video Marketing Strategy

The platforms and tools to start a video marketing are now available for free all over. Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, Twitter — there are many more and that is before we count the paid services like Wistia. The choices are there for you to make, but are you ready to make that choice?

Before you answer that question, let me ask you a few questions that will make your answer clearer and more solid.

Define the goal

The first step to see if you are ready to start a video marketing is knowing what you really aim for. Let’s compare it to simple things in our daily lives: having a lunch.

If you’re an organized person, you probably know what you’re going to have for lunch or dinner today and where/how you would get that delicious meal. Once you get to the restaurant, you will know what to order right off the bat.

The same goes for doing a marketing campaign. It has to be clear what you want to see as the outcome. That way you can fine-tune every step along the way to generate the best final outcome possible.

This type of marketing campaign is called Mission-based marketing. Chris Savage from Wistia says that mission-based marketing focuses on creating content that furthers your mission, instead of making content that sells your product.

Set up checkpoints

Now that you have ground to stand on, your next step is to set up checkpoints. Checkpoints are important to monitor how your campaign is going. That way you can see if your campaign is doing good enough to achieve the final outcome or not. If it’s not, you can tweak it down the line.

In case you were wondering, checkpoints in marketing are specific dates within your campaign period where you check how your campaign is performing in accordance with its goal.

If you run a monthly campaign, your checkpoints can be every Monday within the month or any other day you find suitable.

Polish the details

What do you need?

You need to define the video genre to use in your campaign beforehand. That is how you shape the image of your brand in your audience’s eyes. Most of the times, consistency is what matters until you finally get recognize for a certain type of content. However, it doesn’t hurt to go out of your way every now and then to put some spice into your content feed.

Is it what your audience want to see?

Making a video for marketing purposes is tricky. You have to make a video that aligns with your objectives — but you also need to create a content that provides real value for your audience.

See the comments, emails, mentions etc. to get some ideas about what people actually want to see from you.

How will you do it?

If you’re not a company that specifically works on graphic design or video producing, it’ll be quite tiring to produce a really good video and hiring third party videographers is often the wise choice. But if you’re planning to make regular videos, you should consider investing in videography equipments and hiring in-house filmmaker.

Is the timing right?

Last but not least, the timing. You have to know when is the best time to publish the video, just like you would with blog posts and social media. It’s also important to decide beforehand whether you are going to make a one-time video content or periodical video content. That way, you can work more efficiently when gathering the information and content that you will factor into the video(s).

Wait for it to blow your mind

Phil Nottingham from Distilled has a unique abbreviation for this: ABV (Always Be Valuable). Consistent quality should always come before a consistent schedule. It means that whenever you’re planning to create content, that content has to be hyper-targeted for a very specific audience and serve a very specific purpose. That’s why you need to clearly see your goal before starting anything. By knowing what you want to achieve, you’ll have a certain group of people in mind to target.

To better understand it: a house is better than an RV because it’s specifically made as a place to live in. An RV, on the other hand, serves two purposes: a house and a vehicle. That’s why it doesn’t appeal as much to most people.

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