Using Videos as Attention Grabbers Content: Beginner’s Guide

Creating video content and how attention grabbers fit in

Attention getters are not content by themselves; they are elements that are going to make the content better and more fun for a visitor. When you start creating content, you need to use grabbers that will be interesting and yet, support the general message of the content.


Like with all other things, the title is the catchiest and most intriguing part of a piece. That’s why you should use your titles as attention grabbers to their full potential.

  1. “How Not To …”
  2. “Top 10 …”
  3. Using catchy and over-the-top words
  4. Videos guaranteeing success
  5. Tutorials
  6. Ultimate guides
  7. Personal stories


Together with the title, thumbnails are the best way to make a good first impression. They are the second attention-grabbing element but are even stronger than the titles. Here’s why.

Introductory lines

Like everything else mentioned so far, the first sentences you use in a video are important for creating an initial impression. They focus on viewers’ attention and create curiosity.

  1. “Although there are a lot of stories regarding …. the real truth behind it is very different”
  2. “Here are some easy tips that will help you with… “

Video quality and graphics quality

Whether you’ve made an explainer video that thoroughly depends on animation or you simply made a video with your home camera, it is necessary to have a high-quality image presented on the screen.

Having a well-focused goal

People tend to leave videos after a minute or two. It is really hard to retain their focus especially if you have longer content. Even though they might click on your link due to a nice title and thumbnail, the biggest challenge is to keep them in place until the end.

  1. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the main story
  2. Avoid format that is too long

Closing thoughts on attention grabbers

Nowadays, websites use various channels to grab readers’ attention. Whether you’re getting traffic from Facebook, YouTube, or your own blog, it doesn’t matter much as long as your organization is able to make a profit.



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