How to Create Video Landing Pages that Convert

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If you are looking to up your landing page game and land more conversions, you may want to consider adding a compelling video.

Most of us prefer watching to reading because it is simply easier.

Video content can deliver a message more engagingly than plain text.

This is critical when most online users no longer have the patience to read.

According to Forbes, we now only got eight seconds to capture a target audience’s attention.

Videos are a proven strategy as many studies find that having a video on your landing pages can improve your conversion rate.

However, video landing pages can only be a powerful lead generation tool when you know how to use them.

Here are the dos and don’ts to creating a video landing page that converts.

1. Set the purpose for your landing page

What is the purpose of your landing page?

Though a landing page is primarily created to move visitors down the marketing funnel, it can take many forms of action, including offer download, newsletter subscription, or purchase.

Different goals require different content, design, and video to create an effective landing page that can capture the attention of your target audience.

Review your online business strategy before setting the goal for your landing page.

Will it be to motivate visitors to share their email, or are you convincing them to buy your product?

Either way, having a clear goal will help guide the direction of your landing page and the content of your video.

A great video landing page example is from Slack, which leverages the power of a testimonial video and written review showing how its tool solves communication challenges.

Reading the review, visitors facing the same problem as Cole Haan will be prompted to click on the video and learn how Slack can help their company.

2. Choose the correct type of video

Like many other marketing tools, there isn’t just one type of video.

From whiteboard explainer videos to user-generated content, you can promote your product or service using different types of videos.

Here are some of the most effective video types you want to consider:

Explainer videos

Explainer videos make ideas easier to understand.

It breaks down a complex idea or information for your target audience to help them understand and quickly identify with it.

This video type is suitable for showcasing products and letting your audiences know how they can help solve a problem.

Demo videos

Demo videos show the value of your product by demonstrating how it works.

It is also an excellent way to free up time and empower your sales reps and customer service, as these videos can solve a viewer’s immediate problem.

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Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos are great for landing page visitors who need a bit of convincing.

It is a staple for sales landing pages to add social proof and boost your customer’s trust and confidence as they see real people enjoying your product.

As a rule of thumb, your video ideation should align well with your target audience and the primary goal of your landing page.

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3. Hook, inform, and entertain your prospects

One of the great things about video is that it lets you transmit information much faster than text.

With a great storyboard, a video can captivate, humor, inspire, and tell you all about the product in under one minute — making it an efficient way to reach audiences.

Videographics, for example, combine dense information and facts with beautiful designs to create a memorable experience for the viewers.

This makes it an excellent marketing tool for your top-of-the-funnel landing page to attract new audiences and nudge them down your marketing funnel.

To guide you with your landing page video, here is a simple three-step framework:

  • Why do your buyers need this solution? Your prospects need to be aware of their problem before you can pitch a solution. Highlight a relatable problem or pain point that customers may be facing.
  • What is the solution you are providing? Highlight your unique selling point and explain why it is necessary.
  • What is going to happen next? Tell your customers what it will be like after they use your solution.

Following this framework, these three steps can quickly communicate the value of your offer and motivate the prospect to make a purchase or hand over their information.

A classic example that ticks all three boxes is this Crazy Egg’s animated explainer video.

Not only does it feature a cute, egg-shaped mustache character, the video thumbnail directly communicates the pain point and solution to qualify and attract its target audience.

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4. Optimize the page for mobile platforms

All landing pages should be mobile-friendly, as more and more people are browsing from their smartphones and mobile devices every year.

In 2021, the number of unique mobile internet users stood at 4.32 billion, representing over 90 percent of the global internet population.

So always keep your mobile users in mind when creating your video landing page.

Consider how you can organize and structure the text and video in a layout that will be easy for your users to navigate no matter what platform they are on.

5. Have one clear call-to-action

You may not be aware, but having multiple offers on your landing page can decrease your conversions by 266%.

So make sure your landing page is only guided by ONE clear call to action.

A perfect example that follows this rule is River Pools and Spa. The pool manufacturer has a landing page and video dedicated to getting you to fill out the form.

The video talks about the uncomfortable moment when we submit our contact information and the dilemma if we should fill out the form.

It then makes us feel comfortable by letting us know what to expect afterward. One phone call from one person. One email.

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6. Cultivate leads through email campaigns

At the end of the day, a landing page is simply a portal to move your visitors down the funnel.

So make sure to connect your landing page to an effective email marketing campaign to nurture and convert your prospects into customers.

Create smooth transitions from your landing page to your email to deliver a consistent brand experience and value to boost your conversions.

Just as most people’s attention spans are getting shorter, it takes a video to engage visitors and quickly provides a lot of important information.

Whether you have used videos on your landing page before or are interested in trying them now, follow the six tips above to create a video landing page that converts.

Author: Alex Garcia is a content editor and writer at Writers Per Hour. She enjoys writing (and reading) about small business marketing, entrepreneurship, and design. When she’s not writing, she’s probably learning a new skill.



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