Video Marketing Strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner. People all around the world are getting ready to check out their shopping carts.

In the United States, online shoppers spent an average of $475 in 2018 and $502 in 2019 during big sales.

Business owners and marketers should take this promising chance to clear out their stocks, grab potential customers’ attention, reach broader audiences, and sell more by using marketing videos.

If your ads aren’t ready yet, read on to know more about video marketing strategies for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021.

Why Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing so Important?

People tend to spend more money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Furthermore, a buying frenzy encourages people to buy more though the products are unrelated.

Most shoppers even save money and limit their spending in the preceding months to increase their Black Friday purchases.

The following statistics could be other answers to why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are essential for your business, and why you need to make the best of it:

  • In 2019, 93.2 million people shopped online during Black Friday, and more than 83.2 million people shopped online on Cyber Monday.
  • The number of online Black Friday consumers reached 100 million in 2020, up 8% from the previous year.
  • Ecommerce sales over the holiday season in 2020 were expected to surpass $100 billion, with the online purchase rate increasing by 32.2%.
  • Only 7% of customers said they would spend much less on the next Black Friday.

The trends are expected to increase even more this year, and you have many consumers primed to spend. In this case, every savvy marketer surely doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity.

Inspiring Black Friday and Cyber Monday Video Marketing Campaigns

Here are some of our favorites Black Friday and Cyber Monday videos and a brief breakdown of their marketing strategy, which you can apply to your own video content.

#1. Dorothy Perkins

On Black Friday, Dorothy Perkins released a brief but engaging video.

It has several teaching points for marketers, including a solid call to action at the film’s end and a straightforward video setup.

You don’t need to include many things in your video because they can help to obscure your main products.

#2. Superdrug

Another example of great marketing is Superdrug’s Black Friday 2019 video advertising.

The words playing make the video more dynamic and humorous.

People will remember the video because of the jokes and engaging tagline.

#3. IKEA

Creating commercials around a trending topic, such as Ikea’s #BuyBackFriday campaign, is also a brilliant idea.

The commercial addressed a worldwide issue: sustainability. IKEA lets their customers return their furniture to support a sustainable environment.

The customer would get up to 50% of the value for the item. You can also use a similar formula to promote your product.

How to Create Winning Video Marketing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Observing several Black Friday and Cyber Monday video marketing examples above may give you lots of ideas.

You may also notice a great point that you might use in your material. Let’s look at a few suggestions for extra tips.

#1. Use Explainer Videos

An explainer video, among other forms of videos, is one of the most effective.

It can simply and persuasively teach your potential buyers about the product’s features, how to use it, and the benefits.

Aside from that, you may use SEO to tag and place keywords on the video with a specific subject to boost search engine ranking.

Producing an explainer video can be challenging for first-timers, especially if you have no experience creating this marketing content.

Rather than making the video on your own, you can directly check out New York Video Production Companies to help you craft compelling content for your marketing promotion.

#2. Invest in Social Media Ads

Social media ads can reach a larger audience interested in your product or service because 28% of internet users think commercials help them find new items.

Illustration from freepik

Intriguingly, 49% of consumers are likely to purchase after seeing it advertised.

Another option is to promote on video-sharing platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo.

#3. Be Playful and Use Humor

Marketing videos with a stiff tone are outdated — it makes your messages way too impersonal and far away.

So, don’t limit your creativity and be more playful for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 video ads.

Make people engaged by adding some humor, and then they will fall in love with your products.

More importantly, employing comedy to differentiate your business from the competitors might help it stand out.

#4. Start Strong

To make people stay longer on your video, showcase your best scene in the beginning.

Illustration from freepik

One-fifth of viewers will move away to another video if the first 10 seconds of your video are not enticing.

You can spark their interest by asking questions or providing teasers that make them curious.

Best Platforms for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Video Ads

No matter how fantastic your video marketing is, it won’t reach your target viewers if you don’t post it on the appropriate channels.

Illustration from freepik

TikTok is the ideal place to go if you want to get Gen Z.

Give Instagram a try if you’re going to connect with Gen Y. In comparison to Facebook, Instagram is superior at attracting younger audiences, according to Pew Research Center.

Yet, Facebook is a good option for baby boomers.

In addition to demographics, gender can decide the top social media platforms for video marketing.

Women are more interested in Instagram than men. So, beauty and women’s fashion brands, Instagram could perform better.

Marketing email with a video is also a great way because the average open rate was 18%.

In the case of converting, email is 40% better compared to Facebook and Twitter.

Another surprising fact is that marketing and advertising emails influence 50.7% of customers’ buying decisions.

Bonus: Can’t-Miss Black Friday Deals 2021

Some brands have started early! Here are some full-swing deals you might be interested in!

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2) Placeit

If you’re looking for a platform where you can create all your branding designs, Placeit is a great tool!

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Make everything from logos and videos to your social campaign with branded images in minutes.

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3) is a cloud digital asset management solution that helps to build a centralized digital library that is easy to search, share and collaborate.

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Ideal for companies that want to start using DAM, as well as for large enterprises.

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4) Pixpa

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5) SendX

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7) Social Champ

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8) NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat offers a Social Inbox tool thanks to which answering social media messages and comments across platforms can be done from a single, intuitive panel.

What’s more, its Auto-moderation tool is a time-saver when it comes to managing repetitive inquiries or troublesome comments.

Other than that, NapoleonCat also includes publishing, analytics, and reporting tools so it pretty much covers all of social media marketing tasks in one place.

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9) ClientJoy

Clientjoy is a unified platform for agencies that helps them manage their clients better and grow their business.

Whether you’re a freelancer or an agency managing clients in different countries, Clientjoy will help you close deals faster, identify your bottlenecks and growth enablers, and manage payments and invoices all in one place.

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A successful video marketing campaign for Black Friday and Cyber Monday does not rely on a single component.

To get people’s attention, you’ll need a unique idea and a high-quality video.

Furthermore, you need to understand your target market to determine which social media sites will best promote the video.

Originally published at on November 1, 2021.




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Helping startups and business grow faster with explainer videos at

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