Video Monetization Strategies: Best Pro Tips

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Thanks to smartphones, we all have semi-professional cameras, and we are bombarded with platforms and tools to create high-quality videos.

But not everyone can monetize their video content.

Creating perfect video content is something; being able to monetize it is another.

To be able to make money from videos, high quality does not suffice! You need to be totally familiar with the platform you choose to publish your videos.

In this article, you read about the pro tips to monetize your videos on YouTube, Instagram TV, Facebook, and Twitch TV.

Later, you read about the smart ways you can make money from videos.

Before anything, let’s see what video monetization is.

What Is Video Monetization?

Video monetization is making money out of your videos on a certain platform.

Video monetization is not getting paid for creating videos. When you monetize video content, you normally make money through an affiliate link, advertising, subscriptions, or direct transactions.

There are three video monetization models:

AVOD stands for Advertising Video on Demand. This model is what we normally see on YouTube when a video is interrupted by an ad.

SVoD stands for Subscription Video on Demand. Netflix is the best example of the SVoD model in which its users are feed monthly or yearly to access the content 24/7.

TVoD stands for Transactional Video on Demand. This is the most lucrative one. In this model, every piece of content is accessed at a price. Live sport streams are of this kind.

What are the Formats of Monetizing Video Content?

Models and strategies aside, monetizing video content has 4 formats;

  1. PPV(Pay For View): This format is used normally in the TVoD model.
  2. Subscription: This is the format in which you fee your users during the course of time (weekly, monthly, yearly)
  3. Ads and sponsors: In this format, the content is free for the viewer, and brands who want to be mentioned in your video are charged
  4. Journeying: In this format, users are sent to a certain website or take certain action in order to take a step forward in their customer journey

Top Video Monetization Platforms and Tips

Video monetization video is perhaps the best form of content creation online. But where to publish your videos?

There are various platforms for you to monetize your videos, among which I picked the top ones.

The most common way to monetize video content is through YouTube. But it is not the only platform to monetize your videos. There are other (or perhaps better) platforms to consider.

Pro Tips:

1) Hi-jack new audience with some rich and under 3 mins videos and make them subscribe. Don’t forget about related trend topics.

2) Nurture your subscribers and encourage your viewers to watch other videos as well

3) Collect the email address of your subscribers through lead generation

4) Run email campaigns and make money

IGTV [Instagram TV] is YouTube’s first competitor in monetizing video content. This newly launched feature of Instagram enables its users to make money.

Pro Tips:

Try to get more than 10K followers on Instagram. Because the duration of the video you can publish on Instagram TV depends on the number of followers you have.

If you have more than 10K followers, you can publish videos for up to 60 minutes on IGTV unless you can share videos of 10-minute duration.

To expand your followers, you both can mass follow on Instagram, use one of the Gramblr alternatives (since Gamblr does not work anymore), or get a 1000 free Instagram followers trial to increase your followers.

I could not talk about Instagram TV without mentioning Facebook given the fact that Instagram and Facebook are cousins.

Do you wonder how to allow other users to advertise during your videos?

Here are what you are supposed to do:

  • Go to Facebook Creator Studio
  • Choose the eligible page you want to monetize
  • Click Monetization tab
  • Choose your forms of receiving earnings and select a payment account
  • Manually control where you want to insert the ad video

Pro Tips:

Make sure you review your Facebook ad break revenue click the Monetization tab, and then Insights. In the insight tab of your Facebook monetization, you see top-earning videos, percentage of 3-minute+ videos highlighted.

If you have made a sizable audience on Twitch and you love sharing content with people live, Twitch TV can be a powerful tool for you to monetize your video content.

These are the ways you can monetize videos on Twitch TV

  • Channel subscription
  • Bits: Bits are viewers who cheer your channel
  • Ads

Twitch TV is perhaps the best platform if your niche is related to gaming.

Which Platform Is the Best Platform to Monetize Your Videos?

It roughly depends on your niche and the persona of your customers. But I would highly recommend you to link these platforms to one another and analyze each.

Which platform has the highest income, awareness, audience, etc.? Correspondingly, invest in one or two.

What are the Best Strategies to Monetize Videos?

Now that you know what to do on top platforms to make money from the video content, it is time to consider these tips when video marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the most applicable way to monetize videos. To do affiliate marketing, you promote a brand and add a link to the platform.

For every buyer who pays for that brand, you get a commission.

A survey shows that affiliate marketing is the second favorite strategy to monetize videos online.

To me, personally, selling online courses is the best way to monetize your videos. If you have a considerable audience, it means you potentially can sell videos online.

Creating membership sites allows you to keep your customer retention and revenue. On membership sites, you can fee members for videos.

To monetize video content through sponsors, first, you need to grow your audience and be influential. Then, brands will find you to sponsor you.

Those are some insightful tips for monetizing your online videos. Let us know your thoughts below!

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